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Vertical Farming & Political Change

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Johns Hopkins Map Equator 3 31 2020

QUESTION: Hello Martin,

Thank you for your articles; they are really valuable especially at this time. There’s a lot of ‘noise’ out there, so your information and clarity is vitally important.
Well it’s clear that international supply chains have pretty much broken down. Going local seems to be the trend for the future. So that being said, what are your thoughts around innovative technologies such as vertical farming to increase the quantity and quality of food supplies for the future and hopefully prevent mass starvation.

Many thanks


political change 1

ANSWER: I believe vertical farming is something we can all do in the garage or basement, depending on where you live in this climate. Those who are older looking for retirement, you should move south. This virus, like all others, thrives in colder climates. It is less as you get closer to the equator. Global warming is good!

What these people have done over this virus is seriously disrupting the world economy. People have lost their jobs. In some states, there have been more suicides than deaths by this virus. This will lead to rising violence as people who have lost everything seek retribution. This game to create political change by the left has led to some profound changes within the global economy which is fueling the war cycle as we move forward.

The left has bit off more than they can chew.