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US Voters Want Economic Growth over Equality

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Inflation has hurt everyone. It is no surprise that a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports indicates that US voters are now prioritizing economic growth of equality. The latest survey found that 64% of voters favor policies that contribute to economic growth, while only 27% said they prioritized economic fairness. In 2019, before the last election, only 50% of respondents to the same poll believed that growth mattered more than equality.

Voters have not indicated that they would prioritize economic growth so strongly since 2013, when the US was emerging from the Great Recession. The US economy was strong under Trump; inflation was low, the market was high, and unemployment was low. The coronavirus turned the entire world upside down, and it seems that many associated that economic downturn with the Trump Administration rather than lockdowns. Biden ran on the Build Back Better platform filled with empty promises of free handouts. He prolonged lockdowns, artificially lowering employment data, and then claimed his administration created jobs once the lockdowns were lifted.

The mask has fallen, and Americans are realizing that their quality of life is steeply declining due to the cost of living. Biden and Harris discuss transexuals more than the economy and have only exacerbated the problems we face by opening our borders and sending a blank check to Ukraine. Fairness sounded nice on paper, but then Biden began robbing the middle class through taxation, and the people realized that Build Back Better was merely a trojan horse for socialism. The majority wants America to be a strong capitalistic nation again.