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US Kids Forced Out of School for Illegal Migrants

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The US invasion from the south has simply gone too far. These far-left politicians need to realize that the migrants cannot vote for them just yet, and they’re rapidly losing support among their own citizens due to policies that favor illegal migrants over taxpayers. New York, the friendly welcoming city, is now preventing children from attending school as they are converting tax-funded buildings into migrant shelters.

Around 1,900 migrants have been living in a tent city (Bidenville), Floyd Bennett Field, as the city seemingly exhausted every available resource. There were numerous reports of an uptick in crime among the illegal migrants who even began knocking door to door at personal residences to panhandle. Instead of ensuring the safety of NY residents, officials worried about the safety of the non-taxpayers who should not be in this in country amid the winter months.

New York government officials had the bright idea of moving 1,900 illegal migrants into James Madison High School. What about the kids who are attempting to learn in person after suffering through years of COVID restrictions? The US government told those children that they could no longer attend school and gave them LESS THAN ONE DAY of notice.

“To be clear, this relocation is a proactive measure being taken out of an abundance of caution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of individuals working and living at the center,” City Hall spokeswoman Kayla Mamelak said.

Teachers were dismissed from school early and will be forced to attend school virtually. The teachers had no time to prepare for virtual learning or lesson plans. The students were previously required to pass a metal detector when entering the building, but the illegal may bypass every single safety measure.

Why would they select a school building? All sporting events and school functions have been canceled. CBS reported that community leaders have offered officials a list of countless abandoned building nearby. The government quietly moved the migrants into the school overnight without notice to avoid protests or interference. Worse, they KNEW Floyd Bennet field was a flood zone and unsustainable for a tent city or Bidenville.

The Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless issued a joint statement that calls the move “traumatic and disruptive” to students. The organizations noted that the city clearly has no long-term plan in place as they are unable to provide any details, such as how long the school will remain closed. ““Needless to say, today will be very traumatic and disruptive for these families. We fear, especially with more inclement weather expected this winter, that this is only a foreshadow of more problems to come, and we again urge the City to cease placing families with children at this facility,” the group noted.

Parents are completely outraged. Remove the tax on public schools if our buildings are being used to bribe future voters. The state of New York has prioritized ILLEGAL migrants over their own citizens. States are becoming increasingly desperate. They’d rather deport your child from the classroom than ask an illegal to go through the proper procedures to live in America.