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US Households Paid an Additional $10K Under Biden Regulations

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University of Chicago professor Casey Mulligan recently compared regulatory records from the Obama Administration to now. Mulligan found that Biden has imposed the most costly regulations in recent history at a rate of $617 billion annually. Her research concluded that the average American household now pays $9,600 more under Biden.

This uptick in spending found in this study is solely due to regulation. If we were to factor in inflation, which Biden poured gasoline on (no pun intended), the figure would be even higher. The Build Back Better agenda comes at a cost to the people. Auto fuel and emissions standards compose one-third of total regulatory costs alone.

Trump attempted deregulation and saved the average American household $11,000 during his four-year term. Trump’s main regulatory initiative that was a costly mistake was Operation Warp Speed, which cost over $300 billion. “President Trump showed that regulatory costs can be subtracted rather than perpetually added,” the report states. “Four years of President Trump reduced regulatory costs by about $11,000 per household. Eight years would have saved a total of more than $21,000, which is a gap of $61,000 to $80,000 from the Biden trajectory.”

Biden had the audacity to tote “Bidenomics” at a recent speaking engagement. Clearly, his economic policies have put America in a dire situation. Biden plans to continue implementing costly regulations. Mulligan’s estimates also do not account for the coming war his administration is thrusting us into without just cause. The nation simply cannot afford to keep him in power. Too bad we don’t have the ability to determine our own elections.