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Ukrainian Prosecutor Files Against Biden For Abuse of Power

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Well, things have gotten even more dramatic. It has been confirmed as reported in Les Crises that former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin has filed a complaint with Ukraine’s National Bureau of Investigation. He has petitioned for an investigation be launched against  Joe Biden, which was the claimed basis for the entire impeachment of Trump. Biden even publicly admitted it was his decision and not something that came from even Obama. He made a plain case where he DID abuse the power of his office when there was a serious conflict of interest involving his son. In the real world, I cannot skirt the Foreign Corruption Protection Act by having them divert money to a family member. I cannot even pay for a trip for their family member to Disneyland. Yet, Biden can do what would land anyone in the private sector in prison. The SEC loves to prosecute under that statute. Individuals are also subject to a maximum imprisonment of 20 years for each offense (see list of SEC enforcements).

Everyone in Joe Biden’s family has been benefiting from his political career. This is completely ILLEGAL in the private sector. Anyone would go to prison for 20 years. You cannot hide bribes by diverting them to family members. This is what has to STOP with these career politicians both Republicans and Democrats. When is enough simply enough?

Shokin lost his job on the demand of Biden who successfully pressured the Ukrainian government to fire him and protected Burisma Holdings, the company his son Hunter sat on the board while making $83,000 per month despite having no experience related to their business. Hunter was hired for influence, just as foreign governments donated money to Hillary and then pulled the plug when she lost the election.

Some are claiming that Hillary is jockeying for perhaps Vice President on the ticket with Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg. My sources still hold that she would not settle for second fiddle. Bloomberg does not stand a chance, and Biden is so corrupt, she is counting on him going down in flames. Hillary is counting on being drafted to run as president so she does not have to take the arrows in the primary from fellow Democrats.