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Two Presidents Walk into a Convenience Store

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The people of New York were shocked when former President Donald Trump made an appearance at a bodega in Harlem amid his own court battle. Crowds of New Yorkers swarmed the store to get a glimpse of the former president, and he was met with loud applause and cheers from the crowd. Trump strategically picked this bodega, as a worker there was attacked by an assailant who was not charged thanks to pro-crime anti-American AG Alvin Bragg.

This area of Harlem is not a safe neighborhood by any means. Donald Trump walked into what one would consider “the hood” on short notice in a city that has hated him since he turned conservative. The city no longer hates Trump. The people now see Trump on a personable level as he, like so many others, has become a victim of the corrupt justice system.



“If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black,” Joe Biden famously said before the last election. Biden’s team wanted to replicate Trump’s bodega visit and ushered him into a Sheetz store in Pittsburg. There were no crowds. He was not personable and simply shuffled to the counter. People were not lining up to be photographed with the president and his 8% approval rating was overtly apparent. Biden’s team then tried to replicate the same scene in a Wawa store in Philadelphia. The Secret Service first entered the Wawa to tell the cashier that Biden would be ordering and leaving a tip, hoping to have the entire staged performance on display. Again, the people were unphased by Joe Biden’s presence. All failed publicity stunts.

Biden is losing favor with demographics that mainly vote blue. He is not warmly welcomed in blue cities, even when the events are carefully staged and orchestrated. Trump, on the other hand, is warmly embraced by the people. The media portrays him as being a hated politician but that is simply FAKE NEWS. The only people who hate Trump are the “anyone but Trump” voters who do not necessarily favor Biden but dislike Trump and cannot be persuaded otherwise.

Alvin Bragg has done a great thing for Trump’s campaign. The media hones in on Trump’s every word when he leaves the courtroom. He receives coverage daily by every press agency as they report on his every move. He is not going to be campaigning conventionally this year. There is a chance that Donald Trump may be forced to campaign from New York since the corrupt legal system is forcing him to appear in court repeatedly during campaign season. The press will still show up and the people will tune in. Trump was once a beloved figure in New York before he switched to the Republican side, and with the rampant crime, migrant crisis, and inflation, we may see the Big Apple turn purple if not red.