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Turning Your Hatred of Trump Against Yourself

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Dictator Puppet Master

QUESTION: Do you think Trump was a better president? He was a moron!


ANSWER: I really think you are too caught up in this idea that the president is actually in charge of the country. I have said from the outset, the 2020 election was NEVER about Trump v Biden. If you really think that Biden is in charge, I don’t know what to say. No matter what party you ever voted for, it is an agenda that rules, not the president. That was Trump’s problem. He thought being president meant you actually ran the country. The Deep State is in charge, and, make no mistake about it, they set the dark agenda.



Even Schumer admitted that no politicians will EVER criticize the intelligence community, for they have “six ways from Sunday” to get you. The country is NOT a corporation. The president is not in charge of it, and that is a known fact in Washington. They are allowed to play with social benefits. Beyond that, the Deep State will not tolerate interference. It would take the military to take down the Deep State. We have no right to vote them in or out, and no politician will ever do anything against them. It is in so many ways a dictatorship behind closed doors.


The Deep State was supposed to release all the papers on the JFK assassination during Trump’s term. They convinced him to grant them a delay until after the election because they KNEW he would lose. Now under Biden, they are using COVID as an excuse not to release them, and the talk is there will NEVER be a release because the real source was the Deep State — not Russia.

Build Back Better 1

I have been against Biden not because of him personally nor because I thought Trump was a better man. My position has been BECAUSE Biden is only a puppet, and the BUILD BACK BETTER agenda is a global agenda headed by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. This is NOT a Republican v Democrat war. Biden has just implemented mandatory vaccines even for Americans who want to travel internationally. In Australia, Victoria is already telling people they will need regular booster shots to retain whatever limited privileges he is granting while converting emergency power to permanent legislation. That is coming everywhere worldwide.

This is We the People v a Foreign Enemy of StateThe World Economic Forum. I am sure you will not believe me because you just hate Trump so much. Based upon your emails, you are just a fool who has been manipulated by this agenda. Trump stood in the way. He had to be removed. They had Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. To pull this off, Trump had to be removed.

1922 Forced Loan

In his Scranton speech, Biden said, “We will take, literally, millions of automobiles off the road. Off the road.” Gasoline is approaching $9 per gallon in California. Biden tried to track every transaction down to $600. Did you look at his bill trying to take 10% of everybody’s salary and force it as a loan to the government paying an annuity? That is what collapsed the city of Mainz during the 14th century and started the German hyperinflation following the December 1922 forced loan. Were any of these measures even raised during the election? Did you vote to surrender 10% of your salary and surrender your car?

Franklin Liberty

It is sad. But this is only going to end in civil unrest. They have no right to take the Constitution, tear up our rights, and transform them only into privileges that can then be taken away or eliminated at their discretion. Our liberty is something people fought for over centuries. You are willing to relinquish the blood of all those who died fighting for this cause of freedom. Rest assured, your hatred of Trump has been used against you, and you are so blind to your own rights that you are destroying the future of your own posterity.

Mill on Liberty