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Tucker Understands – Washington Loves Wars – Endless Wars

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I can confirm, knowing some of the Neocons personally, and meeting others in just introductions where you get to look into their eyes and see the corruption and dead coldness. The sheer absence of any dignity or honor. I have said before, they do not like ANYONE who is not from Washington – ANYONE!

Letter Armstrong to Reagan October 1985 With Photo

When I was there after Ronald Reagan was elected, all I heard were moans about how they were going to have to train him since he was just a governor. As I reported in the Neocon report, they were adamant and tried to prevent Reagan from even talking with Gorbachev. Reagan refused to listen to the Neocons. Today, they are much more aggressive and would prevent any such meeting.

Trump was anti-war. Forget all the bullshit about abortion, building a wall, and all the other nonsense, it was his anti-way position that cut off the money flows that feed Washington.