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Tucker Carlson Will Not Run as Vice President

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Rumors have been circulating that Tucker Carlson would become Donald Trump’s selection for vice president. The rumors gained traction after former First Lady Melania Trump said that Carlson would be the best for the job. In a recent interview with Megyn Kelly, Carlson confirmed that he has no aspirations for the White House.

The good ones who would fairly represent the people do not want to enter the sinister world of politics. Carlson said running for VP would be “unimaginable,” and he feels unqualified. “I can’t imagine spending time with politicians,” Carlson told Kelly, followed by stating that Donald Trump is different than any politician he had previously met.

Tucker Carlson

I can also attest to this truth – politics will change people. It is a dark business filled with corruption, greed, and power. Those who enter politics do not leave as the same person they were when they entered, but most simply never leave. Carlson mentioned that he had personally met every president over the last 30 years and had friendships with a few. He genuinely believed these men would have made a change before they entered the Oval Office. “Wow, this is the person who is going to be completely honest, and say what he really thinks.” Not in a way to inflame people, I don’t think you should do that, by the way. Don’t inflame people on purpose, there is no virtue in that. Just tell the truth. And then you see them subverted. It’s crazy.”

He explained how prevalent threats and blackmail have become in the political arena. We see it today with numerous foreign entities having blackmail on the president of the United States. I simply do not see how the elite will permit the US to have an election in 2024. The Democrats are hell-bent on keeping Joe in power since he does as he is told. He is the least popular president in modern history, but his handlers do not believe he needs to campaign. They see his installation as a two-term president a certainty. On the other hand, the most popular candidate has been in and out of courtrooms, and everything has been done to remove his name from the ballot. We truly are moving into a year from political hell where all bets are off.