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Trump Wins Decisively in New Hampshire

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Trump NH 1 23 24

It is clear that Trump has beaten Haley in New Hampshire by more than 50%.  I don’t care if you hate Trump; a vote for Haley is a vote for World War III. The establishment hates Trump profoundly because he is against CBDCs, Climate Change, and war. Those are the main issues, and looking at Europe, my sources there are saying that support in her party is turning away from Ursula because of (1) her COVID emails with Pfizer and (2) her insane push for climate change following the orders from Klaus Schwab that is destroying the European economy.

Soros Calls for Assassination of Trump

The extreme left calls his message with $47, and a bullet hole was just some message and was no threat intended. They insist this is a Far-right interpretation that baselessly claims Alex Soros posted an article from The Atlantic as a “direct threat of violence” against Trump. Nobody offers any explanation that is credible as to how this represents something else. All I can say is if Trump did that with $48 dollars, he would be instantly indicted and in prison. If Soros swam across the Huson River, it would be only because he did not want anyone to know he could have walked on the water. The LEFT protects their own, and Soros funds so much of the LEFT it is scary. He was even behind the funding in Colorado to take Trump off the ballot.

Soros Trump prison

Previously, Alex Soros, who is even more extreme than his father, said the only way to stop Trump was to put him in prison. When he was corrected that he could still run for president from prison, he then posted this cryptic message implying assassination. This is playing into precisely what our computer has forecast for 2024 – a horrible collapse in the trust of the government. So what if Trump wins? Will he then try to raise an army to overthrow him? O just have him assassinated?

2020 Election Forecast 6 Models2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote

Here are the Popular Vote projections from 2020 and 2024. As you can see, there are two models with huge gaps that project a victory for Trump. This is why the LEFT is freaking out. The 2020 models were evenly split and did not show a landslide election.

These three issues of ending CBDCs, Climate Change, and World War III are everything the LEFT is pushing. They will start World War III before the election, too, and in the worst-case scenario, they will trap Trump into a war he cannot get out of.

Biden just sent out a deranged message:

Trump is threatening to undermine American democracy, reward the wealthy on the backs of the middle class, and ban abortion nationwide. We can’t let him.

So if the people vote for Trump, that is not democracy. The new definition is unless you vote for Biden, you are against democracy. How stupid do you have to be to believe that line?