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Trump wins Iowa & Trump vs Michelle Obama

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Iowa Caucus Results 2024

QUESTION: Trump won and is well over 50% in Iowa. How will they stop him?


Michelle Obama

ANSWER: The plan is well-defined behind the curtain. Biden will take the arrows for all the illegal immigrants who will vote for the Democrats to keep power, then he will step aside, and the Party will insert Michelle Obama.

The Democrats cannot afford to run Biden. They know that. Biden is not a leader – he is a placeholder. The president is supposed to keep the agencies in check. They are all doing their own thing and in conflict with each other. Neocons threaten China with no regard for the fact that they are the largest buyer of US debt. They sell, interest rates rise, and if the Treasury cannot sell in a recession, that is when default unfolds.

The Democrats also MUST go WOKE. They have no choice in this matter with all the shit they have created where we no longer know what a woman is, and your mother is just a birthing machine. As I have said, in Thailand, they call themselves Ladyboys. They do not demand that the entire world must change pronouns just for them. This promotes discrimination.

The Democrats just sent out:

The Iowa results are in, and it’s clear: Donald Trump is the official frontrunner for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Folks, we need to work even harder now. If Donald Trump is our opponent, we can expect vile attacks, endless lies, and massive spending.

Hillary it was my turn

Hillary is beside herself. Her dream was always to be the first woman president. Michelle checks two of the three boxes – a black and a woman. All she has to do is come out and say she is really gay, and they have all three. If you pay attention, Michelle is already starting to talk politics. That is her coming out.