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Trump vs Biden Debate – The Setup for Hillary

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CNN Trump Biden Dbate R

Welcome to the fix. CNN was proud to announce that this was the first debate to ever take place BEFORE each candidate was actually nominated by their respective parties. The reason for this was to set the stage for Democrats to move to replace Biden with Hillary. CNN moderators did an amazing job of being unbiased. This debate revealed that Biden struggled to speak often, and his closing argument was really pathetic. My sources have been spot on. This debate was done EARLY to allow for this to take place to replace Biden.

Some think the Democrats should go young. But the Neocons are behind the curtain, and Hillary is one of them. As I have said in various writings, they will NEVER accept anyone not a seasoned politician from Washington. One Democrat strategist told me the only question is whether Democrats will start to go public against Biden BEFORE the August convention. He also said some may be prone to start calling the White House to ask Biden to step aside voluntarily. Even Business Inside rushed to claim that the debate was a disaster for Biden. This was a setup.

Gallip Poll on Confidence 2023

This was not some slam dunk for Trump. I was told this was more about preparation to have Biden step aside, for they know he will drag the Party down with him. Look at the Gallup Poll; CONFIDENCE in Congress is at 8%. This is the same number our computer has projected Biden at. This is what this debate was all about. To put Biden on display, he did not appear on point or presidential.

Bidens Inflation


Forget all the fact-checking. The lies were so deep you needed a raft, not a shovel. Sorry, but inflation rose during the 1960s and broke the Gold Standard thanks to the Vietnam War. All the money Biden authorized for war and climate change drastically altered the economy – plain and simple. Even Fed Chairman Powell in December came out and said this spending by Biden is “unsustainable” yet every word about inflation was just a lie. Hillary is cheering and has her book and mugs already to go.

Trump vs Hillary 2024