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Trump uses Executive Order to Provide Tax & Unemployment Relief the Democrats Refuse to Provide

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President Trump signed executive orders on Saturday to provide relief while the Democrats are more interested in trying to hurt people just to win the White House. Trump has provided more aid to people who have been devasted by this coronavirus pandemic charade. Trump has included the extension of the $400 weekly unemployment benefits and he has granted a payroll tax holiday for workers making less than $100,000. Trump came out and bluntly accused congressional Democrats of “stonewalling” negotiations. Trump said:

“Through these four actions, my administration will provide immediate and vital relief to Americans struggling at this difficult time.”

The left-wing press has his hands tied that he cannot fire Fauci who belongs in prison. He is forced to simply use executive order to do what the Democrats refuse to do. He also said he’s weighing additional income tax relief and capital gains tax cuts.