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Trump to call Hunter’s Business Partner to the Debate Tonight

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Debate 9 29 2020

Well, the one thing we will remember about 2020 is it has been one hell of a political year. Trump is said to have invited Tony Bobulinski, Hunter’s partner who confirmed Joe took 10% of a deal with the Chinese Communist Party. At the very least, this will be entertaining. Nobody would write a fictional novel with a plot like this. In the real-world, Biden should step down and hand it to Harris.  That would be the honorable thing to do. But whoever said politics was honorable?

Twain Corruption Require to be Politicians

The days of honor have faded into the sunset and where we go from here is anyone’s guess. The computer has shown Trump should win. But I have NEVER seen corruption this open and all the mainstream media keep trying to suppress the truth it is a disgrace. If the moderator refuses to allow any question on this topic presented to Biden, they are a complete disgrace to journalism.