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Trump Indicted Again to Interfere in the 2024 Election

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I have been warning that 2024 will be the most corrupt election in the history of the United States. Our computer has warned that we may not even have an election in 2024 which could be carried out not just on the massive scale of corruption, but they can stage a war to justify locking us all down. The Neocons have so much on the line that they cannot allow Trump or RFK to take the White House. Either candidate would end the war and fire these people who want to wage war against Russia and China. On November 6th, 2022, I made that clear in an interview with Greg Hunter. He wrote:

The cheating is going to be so in your face President Trump may not even be able to run for President two years from now.  Armstrong contends, “We may not even have an election in 2024.  It is not looking very good, and it’s probably because this election is not going to be accepted.  When it is so over-the-top corrupt, what do you do for the next one?  

2016 PresElection Copy


During the 2016 election, Hillary claimed that Putin interfered and that she really won the election. Millions of dollars were spent on her fake claims of RussiaGate, and she kept a private server with classified documents on it so it would not be subject to the Freedom of Information Act for her private dealings. The FBI never took notes at a formal investigative interview of Hillary, which is unprecedented. Yet, the FBI claimed they took notes with Trump all the time on just a phone call. Our computer showed that Trump would win; everyone thought that was impossible. Three out of four models showed Trump would win.

Nigel Farage 2019 WEC

Our computer also projected that Nigel Farage would win with BREXIT, and we were absolutely the only one forecasting that outcome. Nigel came and spoke at our Rome WEC in 2019 and said just that – we were the only ones to forecast his victory.

2020 Election Forecast 6 Models

2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote


When we look at the computer forecast for the popular vote for 2020 compared to 2024, we have warned that the 2020 election would be very close. Our six model group was split 50/50 for the 2020 election. Now turning to the 2024 election, we have four models projecting a Republican win, but look at two of the projections – 61% and 59%. This is absolutely incredible. The only such victory that reached 61% was that of 1920 and FDR in 1936, which is eerily similar.

WILSON Woodrow

Incumbent Democratic President Woodrow Wilson in 1920 hoped to run for a third term, despite his severe physical and mental disabilities. On October 2nd, 1919, President Wilson suffered a serious stroke. It left him paralyzed on his left side, with only partial vision in the right eye, and his mental capacity was greatly diminished. He was confined to bed for many weeks. They kept him sequestered from everyone except his wife and his physician. The stroke altered even Wilson’s personality, and his doctor AFTER his death, admitted that he suffered “disorders of emotion, impaired impulse control, and defective judgment.” While they tried to hide his impairment as they are doing with Biden, many considered that his wife was really the first female President of the United States. She had him sign actions that were questionable if he knew even what they were. There was very little support for Wilson to run for a third term on Capitol Hill.

Harding Warren G President

Republican Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio won the election with 60.4% of the popular vote defeating the Democratic Governor James M. Cox, also of Ohio. The interesting aspect here is that both the running vice-presidential nominees later became presidents. Calvin Coolidge (Republican) succeeded Harding after he died in 1923. However, Cox’s VP who lost was Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic), who would defeat Republican President Herbert Hoover in 1932.

With two of our models projecting about a 60% victory for what would be Donald Trump since he is 30 points ahead of all other Republicans, this is no doubt the reason we see him now with unprecedented three indictments in New York, Florida, and Washington, DC. There is just NO WAY the Neocons will allow Trump to take office. They are so desperate, and it would not surprise me if he is assassinated as a last resort, and then they blame it on some mentally disturbed person or perhaps a Chinese to launch that war. As it stands, Trump could get a historical high in the popular vote that exceeds 61%. All of these indictments only show how scared the Neocons really are.



This is NOT my personal Opinion.

This is simply the Forecast from our Computer

which is Non-Binary and Non-Political as well as Non-Denominational