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Trump Cashes in on New Commodity

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Donald Trump has the mind of a true businessman. Say what you will, but he knows how to turn any situation into a business opportunity. A day after the completely corrupt New York legal system ordered him to pay the government $355 million, Donald Trump appeared at “Sneaker Con” in Philadelphia to launch a limited-edition personalized sneaker. The footwear, retailed at $399, sold out within minutes. Yet, this move had more to do with campaigning than profit.

“The Never Surrender High-Tops” are now retailing for tens of thousands of dollars on the underground market. The press is condemning the move, saying that the shoes lack taste and Trump should have slunk away in defeat after his ruling. Instead, he appeared at an event with a new commodity aimed toward the youth. There is a large market among American youth for limited-edition sneakers, with many touting their vast collections online. There is an entire community centered around footwear, and those people have valued the sneaker more than the price of gold.





“Money” is whatever someone is willing to accept in trade, be it gold, silver, or sneakers. The people have positioned this sneaker to retail for tens of thousands of dollars. That generation does not see the face value of say a rare coin or silver, but they do see the value in high-end or limited-edition fashion merchandise. There are now bids on eBay for over $45,000, and these collectibles will only rise in value.

Hundreds of people, mainly the youth, took to social media to praise the former president for acknowledging the footwear market. Many were surprised the former president even knew of “Sneaker Con” as most politicians simply cannot find a way to connect with the youth. Not only was this move a free press opportunity, but Trump was able to promote his image at a time when the media was positioning him to appear defeated.

The profit to Trump was minimal at face value, but it boosted his image among a core demographic that does not lean conservative. While I personally would not be caught wearing gold sneakers, there are countless people now placing pre-orders for Trump footwear, although the first batch will naturally retain the most value.