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Trump & Abolishing the Income Tax

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Trump Tax Reform

COMMENT: No matter what you deny, you are advising Trump. He quotes you often and now he is taking your position that taxes are irrelevant and should be abolished. He has also said that he would create a permanent tax holiday for those earning less than $100,000 if he is reelected. Stop denying this.


REPLY: Granted, he has used the language in my letters. This idea of abolishing taxes has been my position. We run deficits anyway and taxes will never balance the budget. They were needed when money was a physical coin. But it is just electronic today. We spend so much on tax collection and then the entire class warfare is always over confiscating assets of one group to hand to another. Abolishing taxes was laid out in the Solution CD.

I am NOT advising Trump. I do not speak to him on the phone nor have I seen him since I attended a private event at his Florida compound. There are plenty of people who read this blog and the private blog in Washington. What information others pass on is out of my direct control. I am not interested in working at the White House. Who really cares where he takes his advice? Your tone seems hostile and I suspect you are trying to create a link between us only for political purposes. Sorry! You are barking up the wrong tree!