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Trump & 2024

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QUESTION: Someone I know said he had spoken to you and you said Trump would not be the nominee in 2024. Is that true? Can you elaborate?



ANSWER: I do not believe that Trump will be the Republican nominee. That will probably be Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. I have said that some old friends in DC contacted me and they asked me if I would talk to Trump against his running in 2024 and if I would advise DeSantis. My response was no. I said if I got back into the political game, I would tell DeSantis not to run for they would eat him for lunch in DC.

I know they have done an extraordinary character assassination of Trump. The onslaught of legal cases against him and the nonsense of the January 6th investigation was all predesigned to prevent him from running ever again. Why?  Because he is an outsider and he now understands that he was played. The SWAMP is on both sides, so you will find many Republicans like things as corrupt as they are.


Horse Blinders

There is no getting out of this crisis. ALL those in Washington are no different than a horse in the central park walking the streets with blinders on so they only see what is in front of their face.

Albert Einstein We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.


As I have said, NOBODY has tried to defeat my model more than me. I have learned that there is NO politician who gives a damn about the long-term. They are ONLY interested in the next story or election. I was cheered on Capitol Hill when I visited in 2011 as this is the guy with the model they have been trying to suppress. Yet, nobody will take any action for the long-term.

They will try to push war during the summer of 2024 to influence the election. If Trump runs, I think it will be as an independent. He is hated by career politicians on both sides.