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Trudeau’s Jamaican Vacation Scandal

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has found himself amid yet another scandal for allegedly using his position to accept a luxurious vacation in Jamaica over the Christmas holiday. The House ethics committee has voted to investigate the matter further. Why does this matter? Trudeau has branded himself as the dictator of ethics and expects everyone else to abide by his rules. Rules for thee, but not for me.

Trudeau’s office initially said that he was taking his family on a vacation for the Christmas season, and the PM would be paying for his trip. Then his office changed the story to say that the Trudeau family would be staying with a friend, businessman Peter Green. His family did not simply stay with a relative or crash in a spare room. Instead, they enjoyed a vacation at the Prospect Estate resort in Jamaica, free of charge. It is estimated that his stay at the resort was worth C$84,000.

The trip was essentially gifted to him, therefore breaking Canadian laws that state members of Parliament are not permitted to accept gifts, trips, or kickbacks in any form. Conservative MP Michael Barrett requested additional documents related to the trip but was denied. “The question is not that the prime minister went somewhere, he accepted an $84,000 gift,” Barrett said, referring to Trudeau’s remarks. “He didn’t sleep on a couch at Uncle Buck’s place.”


(Picture above shows Trudeau partying with his globalist friends amid the COVID lockdowns)

This is not the first time that Trudeau has accepted a gift. In 2016, Trudeau paid a visit to Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas where he was comped a C$271,000 vacation. The RCMP found that he was provided C$56,000 on jet ski rentals, accommodations, and meals during his stay. Again, Trudeau accepted a kickback from a person who was lobbying the Canadian government, and there was a clear unethical conflict of interest.

Many see this as a slap in the face, especially considering the median income in Canada is only C$70,000. Trudeau knew there would be no long-term consequences for his actions. He repeatedly skirts away from scandal after scandal. It is time for those in charge to realize the rules they impose on the public apply to everyone. The Canadian government should make it crystal clear to Trudeau that he is NOT above the law.