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Trudeau & Zelensky

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Trudeau and Zelensky

COMMENT: Reading yesterday’s post ‘Zelensky Before He Sold Out To The Neocons’ it occurred to me how similar his role has been played as that of my country’s leader Justin Trudeau.
When I first heard Justin talk years back before becoming leader he sounded so in touch with the people and their concerns.
But once Justin got into power he completely changed and did the exact opposite of what he stated publicly.

The degree and meticulousness with which all the current events have been apparently planned is simply mind-boggling.



REPLY: The truth is we no more live in free countries than they did in Russia. The Deep State runs the show and as I have said many times, I can run for office and promise whatever you wish to hear. Then I get there and I am told I will vote as they tell me. Just look at the votes – they are always along party lines. That is why they hated Trump so much. He did not want to play by those rules. Now even the FBI was out to make sure he did not win the election.

2019 Zelensky win Russia Hopeful

Zelensky promised he would bring peace and end the civil war against the Donbas. That is what the Ukrainian people voted for. The next result, millions have now had to flee their own country as Zelensky did what the Neocons told him to do – sell out his own country. I know Ukrainians who have fled and are now living in Berlin losing all their property back home thanks to Zelensky.