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Trudeau using COVID to push his Green Agenda in Canada

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Trudo Greta

The National Post headline: “Trudeau’s ‘brutal’ attempt to use COVID to push his green agenda” is confirming that this is not about COVID where 175,000 deaths out of 328 million in the United States is a death rate of 0.0535%. You do not destroy the economy and people’s futures, pensions, and employment for such a virus. Socrates has from the start projected that this was tremendously exaggerated and whipped up into a panic by the left media. CNN, New York Times, and Washington Post have been doing everything in their power to destroy the country. They are so focused on defeating Trump and they have no idea why other than they hate him calling them Fake News.

All of these left-wing governments are on board to change the future. They really do want to eliminate air travel, cars, and they want people to stop eating meat. They do not care about rights, freedom, or even religion. This is all about them and you do as they say, or you have no human right to object.

These people are planning on blocking any country from their Western economies UNLESS they subjugate themselves to the dominance of their New Green Agenda. They are also really working behind the curtain with the United Nations and many believe that organization should become a one-world government – the Parliament of the world. This agenda will fail. But this will not be without costs,