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Trudeau is a Disgrace as a Head of State & Putin’s Approval Rating is nearly 2x Biden’s

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The Canadian Freedom Convoy may not have moved Trudeau. Trudeau takes his orders as a good graduate of the World Economic Forum’s young leader program to infiltrate the world to push Schwab’s Marxist agenda. Nevertheless, it has led the way for the world. We now see these COVID political restrictions collapsing in England, Denmark, Finland, South Africa, Switzerland, and even Spain has announced it is degrading COVID to the flu. Meanwhile, they have inspired the same movement now forming in the United States.

Canada Truckistan

Canada has been inspirational to the world, and this was a great idea. We are likely to see this unfold in other countries where the World Economic Forum has been running the show.


Schwab’s star pupil in his young leader’s infiltration of government in New Zealand has seen her polls collapse to just a 35% approval rating on par with Joe Biden, who may not be a WEF graduate, but he is a WEF supporter along with John Kerry. Trudeau’s approval rating is also well below 50%.

Putin 5

Putin’s approval rating in Russia stands at 65% and rising. His approval rating is nearly twice that of Biden, yet the Western press, wearing their propaganda hat, keep bashing Putin. The press is so desperately trying to portray him as evil when in fact all they are doing is keeping the old Iron Curtain up insofar as propaganda is concerned. The US and NATO have refused to compromise on anything which is deeply disturbing for it backs Putin into a corner where he looks weak to his people or he invades, which appears to be the distraction the West now desires.

1 Schwab Ruler of the WOrld

We have the worst crop of world leaders in the West than at any point in history, and they have all been conditioned to follow Schwab’s dream of forcing his Great Reset upon the entire world, which has been his dream of reorganizing how society should function according to the ideas from the deep crevasses of his very dark mind. He even has Fauci and the head of New Zealand appear in his videos promoting his Marxist agenda, claiming equality is the number one problem. We are in a battle for our freedom and that of the future of our children that Schwab and his World Economic Forum are out to destroy. Is it any wonder why the one world leader with the highest approval rating in their own country is now Putin who is standing up to Schwab and his agenda?



It has been Schwab promoting the COVID lockdowns to undermine the global economy so he can BUILD BACK BETTER, which implies you first must destroy it.