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Trudeau Calls for September 20 Election Right on Time

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Trudeau Schwab

The word on the street is those who have organized this entire pandemic for political change are getting nervous about the size of the resistance that is emerging. They think that the time is right now to score a victory BEFORE the people figure out that COVID will not be defeated and 100% vaccination will not prevent this pandemic from becoming an EPIDEMIC. This lab rat is mutating faster than they ever expected. It is a CORONAVIRUS that has never been cured in any forum because it is a respiratory virus that can also infect animals. Therefore, we will NEVER achieve herd immunity and the latest variations in South America are already vaccine-resistant. By the time we see 2022, this manmade virus may become the disease our computer has been projecting for these past years.

LFPCAN Y 1867 2021 Liberal Party

September we warned was the start of a Dark Period. There were critical elections going to take place and now Trudeau has committed Canada to a sudden election on September 20th. Trudeau has been ahead in the polls and he hopes to with a 33% stake which is in the same neighborhood as the number that cited for Hitler. In a Parliamentary system with multiple parties, someone with just 31% can take the country. In the case of Hitler, that 31% led to World War II. So here we will add CANADA to the September election nightmare for the 20th. Nevertheless, as you can see, the Liberal Party of Canada has been declining for 72 years. Indeed, 2021 is an important year for Canada.

The Upcoming Elections

CANADA September 20, 2021

Germany September 26, 2021
Iceland September 25, 2021
Norway September 13, 2021
Russia September 19, 2021
Hong Kong December 19, 2021
Iraq October 18, 2021

Australia 2022
France June 2022
Hungary April 2022
Latvia October 22
Malta June 2022
Philippines May 9, 2022
Serbia 2022
Slovenia June 2022
Sweden September 11, 2022
USA November 8, 2022