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Treacherous Times Ahead

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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong,
Thank you for keeping up the good fight and keeping us all so informed.
You have said that gold will rise when there is a loss of confidence in gov’t. I would think we are there already. Is there an objective measurement to the loss of confidence? Or is it a self-fulfilling prophecy, in other words, when the price of gold goes up, then there has been a loss of confidence?

ANSWER: I believe that the 2022 election may be the catalyst. Not all people who voted for Trump and/or are Republicans believe that the election of 2020 was rigged. I have been warning for months, that reliable sources in DC, or the Corruption District, have been planning to hand citizenship to illegal aliens before the election to rig the midterms. In addition, they were pushing to indict Trump. Either, but more likely BOTH, may be carried out. I fear this will backfire on them for there will be conservative democrats who will not be happy with handing out citizenship like candy on Halloween.

In Britain, the Indians were generally upset about letting in all the Muslims. They had to show that they not just spoke the language but had the skill set that Britain needed, primarily medical. It seems I have trouble getting in my employees in Europe, the Middle East, and India. I am told I should hire Americans, despite these people having worked for me for more than a decade. I tell them to put on a sombrero, don’t speak any English, walk across the border, and no need for vaccines, they will hand you plenty of pocket change and free everything, including a free flight in the middle of the night. All no problem. No language or skills are necessary – just vote Democrats when they call upon you. You will get a green card and citizenship – no worries! You don’t even have to work.

Fauci Anothiny trust

Most people who read this blog already know the truth about the government. What we are missing is the majority. It is the general mask-wearing public because Lord Fauci told them what to do. It is their confidence that needs to be shaken – not stirred.

The LEFT is always ruthless. Just look at all the times in history major civil wars and revolutions have taken place. The LEFT demands no compromise and that will be their agenda. The rumor I hear is that they have resistance to granting citizenship on the Hill. That much is starting to appear in the press. In desperation, Biden will sign an executive order probably with an order of what he wants for lunch.

It would be unconstitutional for Biden to grant them citizenship by executive decree. Obama’s exec order for DACA was unconstitutional and he had no right making it – he acknowledged that fact and did it anyway fully expecting the challenge that never happened. This is the same scheme. Granting citizenship by executive order will be UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but the LEFT never cares about laws. They assumed that they will vote, and the legal challenge will take at best months, so they win because they will count on the Supreme Court not to overrule an election.

I fear that if this RUMOR became true, perhaps this is why my computer is going nuts on civil unrest and international war in 2023. So let’s pay attention to the arrays for this is our only guide. Nobody’s opinion will count much in such a treacherous time.