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Tour de Rehoboth Beach

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Some may miss the “mean tweets” and lower prices of, well, everything under the former administration. Former President Trump commented on Biden’s latest tumble after he fell off his bicycle while riding in his home state of Delaware. “I will never, ever, ride a bicycle!” Trump proclaimed to a crowd that erupted with laughter.

Trump said that the president should be more concerned with nuclear warming rather than global warming as tensions with the East continue to rise and pose an immediate threat to our safety.

This comes after Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer a question about the president’s mental and physical health. Worsening matters, far-left reporter Don Lemon, notoriously friendly to the Biden regime, was the one asking questions. Lemon insisted after the interview that the public should be aware of the president’s “health, history, both physically and mentally,” as he is making decisions that impact the lives of millions. Jean-Pierre insists that Biden will run again in the 2024 election, but his own party members and now the media are openly questioning whether Biden is fit for the job.