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This is What Schwab is Creating

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COMMENT: I really do not know how Socrates has forecast this sort of civil unrest well in advance. I comprehend they need to stop people from listening to you. Please keep Socrates running.

WM from Poland

REPLY: I will try. They are also counting on other analysts to try to discourage people from relying on a computer for it would be against their self-interest. So it is a battle on several fronts. When I was exposing the Buffet silver buys PHIBRO had an analyst who called the Wall Street Journal claiming I was the one manipulating silver. When Buffet had to admit he was the buyer the WSJ was shocked they had the story wrong. So it is always a battle of two fronts.

Nonetheless, these people planning to impose Communism 3.0 on the world will fail in achieving their goal of world dominance. Their dream of creating a New Green Communist World Order, will succeed only in breaking up the West and destroying our culture because the West will break up as the people become divided between the sheep and the free-thinkers. We do not see that they will succeed as was the case with the Russian Revolution, which ultimately failed.

1 ECM 2032 NotesWe will end this wave as we began. The first peak was 1989.95 which marked the collapse of Communism in China and Russia. The last part 0f this wave will be this extreme battle over authoritarianism which will result in the disintegration of governmental structures and in some cases we will see revolutions overthrow the government.