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The Year from Political Hell

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Political Hell

QUESTION: Can you elaborate on 2024 being the year from hell with elections everywhere? We all know about Trump and Putin. Is the rest of the world going nuts as well?



ANSWER: Oh, I would say that is a fair statement about the entire world. Pakistan is perhaps the role model for Biden. The general election has been postponed until February – or perhaps later. Imran Khan, a former president they put in prison, has warned that the election risk there is just another political farce. Of course, the champion of freedom fighting for Democracy, the totally corrupt President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, was trying to imprison his opponent and his predecessor, Petro O. Poroshenko, and had the ultimate excuse – postponing all elections until he defeated Russia, which is not even possible.

viktor orban

It will be interesting to see if the EU starts to collapse. European Council President Charles Michel will run as a candidate for the European election in 2024. This will present a bit of  CRISIS to fill a top diplomatic position. EU leaders must then quickly appoint a successor for his vacated Council post or face a dilemma. Hungary takes over the rotating presidency of the Council in July. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been fighting against creating World War III and this endless support of Ukraine, which is losing badly. Orban could fulfill the role of Council president if EU members do not quickly agree on a candidate. Given the conflict they have with Hungary, this is going to be a real test of the EU. February has been showing as a Panic Cycle, and May remains the big target.  This may be the real conflict for the EU.

Bangladesh is going through its tyranny as well. The voting took place amid a boycott by the main opposition. When we look at the country, the same tyranny is unfolding. Bangladesh is becoming a one-party state dominated by Sheikh Hasina for the 5th term. They are starting to call her the Iron Lady.

aiwan_Taiwanese_Stock_Index Array Y 1 7 24

One of the key elections will be in Taiwan. Beware, January 13th could prove to be an unlucky day for an election that could impact the world. Lai Ching-te is the deputy to President Tsai Ing-wen and a fellow member of the independence-minded Democratic Progressive Party. He is leading in the polls right now. Lai is the candidate most likely to provoke tension with China, and the people seem to think the US will send troops to defend them at all costs. Indeed, China has named him the “destroyer of peace.” Looking at the Array, we had a double-Directional Change for 2024, and it appears to be a reversal of the uptrend into 2026.

South_Africa_FTSE Y Array 1 7 24

In South Africa, the African National Congress will most likely lose its majority for the first time since apartheid ended. There have been rolling blackouts since 2007, which has increased ever since 2020.  This has boosted support for various movements proposing Cape independence since 2009.

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