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The UK Will Deport Migrants to Rwanda

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak finally has the power to bypass the European Union courts and tackle the UK’s migrant crisis. About 1,843 illegal immigrants crossed into the UK in 2019, but that number quickly multiplied to 28,526 in 2021. It is believed that the UK was forced to admit an astounding 60,000 undocumented illegal immigrants in 2022. These numbers are completely unsustainable economically. Sunak has finally passed a bill to deport a fragment of these illegal residents to Rwanda.

Now Rwanda is receiving 370 million pounds over the next five years for permitting a fraction of the UK’s refugees to relocate there. At the moment, the UK is only expected to deport 5,700 illegal migrants to Rwanda – which may sound like a grand number but is insignificant compared to how many have found their way onshore. Home Office Health Secretary Victoria Atkins admitted that many of the cohorts have stopped reporting and will need to be tracked down. The government would like the first wave of flights to begin in as little as 10 weeks.


The European Union is making it extremely difficult for the UK to free itself of taxpayer-subsidized residents. Migrants in the UK are now fleeing to neighboring Ireland, where they are under the control of the EU courts and cannot forcibly remove migrants. Micheal Martin, the Irish deputy prime minister, has blamed the Rwanda policy for a recent uptick in unwanted residents. How bad is the issue? Nearly 80% of recent migrants to Dublin have crossed over from the UK. Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris is asking the European Union for permission to deport them back to the UK.

“We’re not, I’m not interested in [returned migrants]. We’re not going to accept returns from the EU via Ireland when the EU doesn’t accept returns back to France where illegal migrants are coming from,” Sunak stated, later adding, “I’m focused squarely on getting our Rwanda scheme up and running. I want the deterrent which will say that if you come to our country illegally, you will not be able to stay and you will be removed either to your own country if it’s safe or Rwanda.”

Chris Heaton-Harris, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, correctly explained that in order for Ireland to conduct a massive deportation operation, the EU courts would be required to allow ALL EU nations to deport illegal migrants. “If this legislation is, as I believe it is and I’ve been assured it is, just setting us back in time to where we were and what we were dealing with, then I’m comfortable with that,” Heaton-Harris said. “But we are fully behind implementing our Rwanda scheme.”

Why should the UK be forced to negotiate with the unelected officials in Brussels regarding domestic matters? Ireland should place blame on Brussels for permitting open border policies that have threatened the entire bloc’s national security. Brexit has been This is yet another reason why the creation of the European Union has been an utter failure. Independent nations are no longer independent. They cannot base their policies on their own nation’s best interests and instead are forced to bend to the wills of Brussels.