The Split is Coming

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Socrates has been projecting political upheaval which began with the 2016 election where Trump took the presidency against all odds. The press was always covering Trump and ignored the other Republican candidates because they were trying to manipulate the election back then. They assumed Trump was a joke so they covered him all the time. When he won, the Democrats blasted them when Trump won. That is why the media then turned against Trump aggressively because they believed they made him trying to reverse everything.

Thie wave began 1985.65 and 31.4 years into it we warned that was when for the first time a 3rd party could win. That was Trump albeit under the guise of the Republican banner. But when he won, the Republicans hated him. He was an outsider never a politician sot o them it was like a revolution.


The political establishment worldwide was frightened. They saw Trump as leading the charge by the people – POPULISM they called it. But isn’t Democracy supposed to be about the people voting?


Populism became a dirty word among politicians. How dare the people try to overthrow the establishment! Just who the hell do people really think they are? The established political class rules – not “We the People” which they did away with a long time ago.

Now we will witness the self-destruction of the Republican Party. The majority of Republicans are against Trump. They are already telling the minority to shut up and let this go. They want Trump out! They succeeded in surrounding him with their own ME TOO movement of the seasoned political elite. AG Barr declined to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden because a special counsel cannot be dismissed by Biden or his AG. This way any investigation of Hunter will be covered-up.

What the Republicans think is they will get back to NORMAL. They will cut their corrupt deals with the Democrats and it will be a return to business as usual. They think the people are stupid and they will just shut up and still vote Republican.

Our model shows that both the Democrats and the Republicans have made a VERY SERIOUS mistake. There will be no return to NORMAL. We are looking at a 3rd Party rising and this will become much more dominant in 2022. Their own corruption was shown in the relief package. $600 for American, more for illegal aliens, and endless overseas bailouts. It was a joke. $600 would not pay one month’s rent in many places no less food. It was the government that deliberately used lockdowns to create unemployment.

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There is so much evidence of fraud it is off the charts. But the left press and BigTech keep saying there was none. That is a lie since there is always fraud in every election. Some are starting to say ok, it was not enough fraud without allowing the evidence to even be published. The question is simply was there enough to change the outcome, which they will not address. This has been set in motion since 2016. It was not even about Biden being better than Trump. This is Agenda 2030 which is coming from the World Economic Forum in league with the United Nations.

The politicians think they can put this all back together with the way it was and ensure the swamp is expanded. We are facing a major political revolution and the Republicans who are trying to stop any objection on January 6th, fail to realize that they are on the wrong side. This is no longer about Trump. It is about the wholesale corruption which has infected Washington in both parties. Populism is “We the People” in case they forgot!