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The Smear Tactics in Politics

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Smear TacticThis is a video of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) explaining what in politics is a tactic to smear someone with false allegations to destroy an opponent. They call it the “wrap-up smear” and it is clearly what they did to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. By no means is this limited to just Democrats or what they did to Kavanaugh. They use this tactic all the time against people as well as specific legislation.

This tactic comes from law. If I put you on the witness stand and then ask you when was the last time you beat your spouse, you will now be on the defensive and the entire mindset will be that you beat your partner. Even if say your wife comes forward and says you never beat her, they will argue of course she will say that because she lives in fear that you will beat her if she says the truth. This is how you destroy someone’s credibility and when done in a Senate hearing, they have scared not merely Kavanaugh, but his entire family for life. His 10-year old daughter will have to confront that allegation for her entire life. People remember Kavanaugh for that hearing alone. It does not matter what the truth might be – he is now guilty and scared for his entire life.

That is how the “wrap-up smear” works in politics and they will ALL use this tactic. It is by no means limited to just Democrats. It is the standard operating procedure.