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The Realist View of the Midterms

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Pelosi Summer

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Your take on the midterm elections is that the Democrats really failed and simply won a symbolic victory?

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ANSWER: Yes. The Democrats keep making lower highs and deeper lows. They do not review the major trend nor are they willing to revise their central theme.  While the Democrats won the majority in the US House of Representatives can blow their horn really loudly, there is a far more important shift in domestic power balance has taken place. Trump’s gains in the Senate demonstrate that his election was not a fluke. The FOX poll that showed more Republicans identified with Trump than the Republican Party demonstrates above all the trend is away from both party mantras. We truly are moving more in the direction of a third party trend rejecting career politicians on both sides.

Mueller Comey ObamaThe possible consequences of the Democratic House victory will probably lead to the banter of impeachment, but they will lack the votes in the Senate where a trial would have to take place. That means this will be just a dog and pony show. Mueller will do his best to try to prosecute Trump for something because that is the Deep State’s goal. That is the greater risk and Mueller will do his best to prosecute everyone around Trump to force them to give false evidence against Trump. That is how the system works. Historically, a witness was valid ONLY if they were disinterested. The Supreme Court has allowed prosecutor discretion and to torture people threatening life imprisonment unless you say this or that. This is why the conviction rate is virtually 99% and lawyers will tell you nobody can win. Mueller poses the greatest threat to creating a civil war in this country than probably any individual.

We are also likely to see important implications for Trump’s foreign policy. By and large, the Democrats will press their revenge against Russia and the talk is they would love nothing more than war with Russia. They will keep stirring the pot to achieve that goal and they will do their best to try to block anything Trump does regardless if it is good or bad for the country. This is all about winning in 2020 right now.

Democrats may be pushing for changes in the defense budget – including the attempt to block new low-yielding tactical nuclear weapons targeted by the Trump government. There will be more pressure to get results in
Afghanistan or to demand a withdrawal blaming Trump for that mess as well despite the fact he did not start it the confrontation there. The Democrats will also push for an end to the Yemen war and a blockade of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, keep in mind that Trump has a lot of room for foreign affairs, but the US House of Representatives can shed light on fraudulent or failed political initiatives with a spotlight for political brownie points with again an eye on 2020.

The Democrats will speak out against Trump’s “anti-globalism” approach and they will promote support for multilateral institutions and alliances to support the EU against Trump. The US House Democrats see the EU as an important center for pressure on Trump and they will use it. Democrats are also likely to turn to the EU for trying to legislate on climate change against Trump and to support more control and taxes on the people.

The Democrats will take an even tougher attitude towards Russia. They want revenge against Putin and believe if they had not leaked their emails which showed the truth, Hillary would have been in the White House and they would have control also the Senate. This is the fictional world they live in these days. Hence, the will continue to push for investigations into Trump / Republicans related to Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. This is something they are DESPERATE to prove for they really think this will deliver them the White House in 2020.

The will also issue compulsory summonses for Trump’s tax returns so they can make them public for the 2020 elections. Don’t forget they are Socialists at heart so to them bashing people with money is their ticket to the White House in their mind.

Nevertheless, the Democrats will have a major impact on US policy in China and Russia. They will be yelling and screaming about everything. They would love nothing more than to obstruct Trump on every level and create war if they really can. They do see China’s trade as a problem. Ironically, they are actually closer to Trump’s view on trade with China than on any other topic.

Don’t forget, we will now have Nacy Pelosi at the helm. This is the woman who actually said: “I don’t know what was so great about the great depression!”