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The Real Debate?

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Debate RFK

COMMENT#1: You were correct. This debate was a conspiracy for Hillary. That’s why they did not let RFK on stage.


COMMENT #2: Joe Biden’s condition makes me believe he was sent to that podium as a sacrificial lamb to show the world why they need to switch their candidate. That debate was humiliating.


COMMENT #3: Your sources have always been incredible. You called this months before any agreement for a debate.


COMMENT #4: Marty, You even keep those of us in Washington updated when we are not in the loop. Thank you for what you do.



REPLY: This was a setup, and now you have the press worldwide discussing replacing Biden. NEVER before did you have a debate before the candidates were nominated. This was to give Hillary time, and now everyone is talking about replacing Biden. CNN was part of this and specifically asked about his age. They were respectful because they were in this plot from the start.

I feel sorry for Biden, for they trashed this guy all for the Neocons, who are ruthless, evil people. They are destroying the USA with their endless wars, driving inflation and deficits through uncharted territory; this is raising taxes and now the elimination of paper and money, all to keep their hatred going forward. They have managed this for their candidate, Hillary, who would nuke Canada to get three Russians.


They would not allow RFK on stage because this was NEVER supposed to be a debate. They knew Biden was losing it. This was to covertly allow Hillary to be drafted and Biden will “voluntarily” step down, which is also required under the rules. But they had to embarrass him before the entire world just to retain that power to push that red button to wipe out their lifelong enemy – Russians, Chinese, and anyone else who dares to disagree with them. Perhaps Newsom is for VP – not president.