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The Prospects of Trump & Will Democrats Split

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Democrat Zebra

QUESTION: I have two questions. First do you think there is any chance of this vote being reversed? Second, do you think the Democrats will split by 2022?


ANSWER: This is extremely difficult. It will take the Supreme Court to stand up for what is right. As another client writes in: “Epstein didn’t kill himself, and Biden didn’t win. Will they pull it off?? (EB). If you simply did the analysis by using Benford’s Law To Detect Fraud, you would be able to overturn the election. Will they? Probably not. This is a global coup to take over the United States. They are doing the same throughout Europe and even in Canada, which has made a major effort to prepare to oppress the people and the government has a 15-page propaganda report on how to demonize dissenter. Meanwhile, you have Lyndsey Grahm telling Republicans not to concede.

The Deep State has been working against Trump from day one. He was too naive to understand how the swamp really works. When Regan was elected, I was told by Republicans in Washington that they would “train” him. You see, they did not like Reagan either. He was a governor – that is not one of “them” which is exclusively a Washington player – i.e. Senate or House. He brought in people that THEY selected and they tried to “train” Trump but he was resisting. Bolton wanted to expand troops overseas and invade Syria.

Trump ended up firing people as he came to see they were part of the swamp. His son-in-law brought in Goldman Sachs and that was another serious mistake when Goldman had instructed it board not to donate to Trump – only Hillary. Trump listened to people who were trying to train him to be part of the Swamp. When that did not work, the Democrats, pissed off on Hillary’s loss, began to try to undermine him and block everything he wanted to do blaming Russia when they KNEW that was all made up by Hillary

They were using the polls to try to manipulate the people into a “blue wave” as they were projecting. The mainstream media began circling the wagons even as the votes were being counted on Tuesday. CNN’s Jake Tapper saw what was happening early and began telling viewers that all that talk about a Biden “landslide” was “always a pipe dream.” They turned the propaganda 180 degrees to still try to pretend it was an overwhelmingly Democratic sweep. They were deliberately withholding calls on states that were ahead for Trump also KNOWING the fix was in.

Bush v Gore 2000

The Supreme Court should uphold Trump, and in a per curiam decision of a court, Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000), which was in unanimous agreement so it was NOT split down party lines ad the Democrats always claim to justify overruling the Supreme Court. Nevertheless, the court held whereby seven Justices agreed that a manual statewide recount would violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, although only five agreed on the appropriate remedy. The Court emphasized that standards for manual recounts varied arbitrarily across counties and even precincts, so individual voters could not be sure that their participation in the democratic process would be given the proper weight. Florida’s rule that a clear indication of the intent of the voter was required to make the vote count seemed too vague to be uniformly applied. However, the Court carefully limited its judgment to these specific circumstances.

Since the state could not finish the recount within the deadline set by state law, the recount was ended and the case remanded for further proceedings not inconsistent with the opinion. Gore thus had the opportunity to continue pursuing litigation at the state level.

After a wild election night on November 7, 2000, during which TV networks first called the key state of Florida for Gore, then for Bush, followed by a concession by Gore that was soon rescinded, the results for who would be the nation’s 43rd president were simply too close to call. It was later revealed that Gore had won the popular vote by 543,895 votes. As accusations of fraud and voter suppression, calls for recounts and the filing of lawsuits ensued, the terms “hanging chads,” “dimpled chads” and “pregnant chads” became part of the lexicon.

I would argue that there is no standard for federal elections as every state has its own system and they vary greatly. There should be a standard means of electronic voting that is then cross-referenced to tax returns and that would eliminate all dead people voting. Handing this election to Biden on numerous allegations of dead people voting to give him razor-thin victory violates my right to Equal Protection of the Law. Every person who voted for Trump has had their civil rights violated and a class action lawsuit is entirely appropriate.

Democratic Party Split

In electronics which I studied in school doing electrical engineering in computer science, there was an interesting phenomenon known as Negative Resistance which is the characteristic whereby an increase in voltage across the p-n junctions results in a decreased current. In other words, the same interesting phenomenon takes place in markets. You can move to all-time highs and 97% of the people are long, that is when a crash can take place because they try to sell and there is no bid. Sometimes the more you move in one direction, you increase the odds of moving in a panic type move in the opposite direction.

We are starting to witness the moderate Democrats trying to pin the blame for losses in the House on controversial far-left members such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Besides coming out and advocating lists of Trump supporters for retaliation, on Sunday 11/8 she defended her extreme faction was not the root of the problem but leadership’s campaigning “as though it’s 2005.”

Historically, the Democratic-Republican Party split into groups after the 1824 presidential election; one faction supported President John Quincy Adams (Republicans), while the other faction backed General Andrew Jackson (Democrats). The Democrats were for slavery and that eventually led to the civil. However, the split became to become much more intensified in 1848 and that is the year we saw communist revolutions around the globe.

172 Yr Revolutrion Cycle

One component which is why the split will begin here in 2020 as I have warned between the moderate Democrats and the far-left which seems to be led by AOC, is right on target. We are at 172 years from the 1848 Communist Revolutions (8.6 x 2 = 17.2). All of this intensity is right on target. Two years later on September 18th, 1850, the Democrats pushed through the Fugitive Slave Act which provided for the return of slaves brought to free states. The North was then ordered to return any fugitive slave and ironically, California became the 31st state of the United States of America also in 1850. Where we begin is where we end.