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The Plight of the Democrats – Hillary to the Rescue?

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Democratic Debate


COMMENT: I was raised a Democrat. Your forecast that the Democrats would split by 2020 which you made more than 10 years ago I did not believe at the time. Flash forward, Joe Biden, who the Democrats wanted to impeach Trump for influencing the election against him, has been proven to be a joke. Biden came in fourth in Iowa behind a professed communist, an open Gay guy, and a fake Indian. In New Hampshire, he even came in fifth behind Amy Klobuchar who is a lawyer. I now concede that the Democratic party has no choice but to split. I never thought I would say this, but Trump looks normal against this crowd.


REPLY: With each passing day, the Democrats appear to be collapsing into the abyss. My father was also a Democrat. That was the thing coming out of the Great Depression. But those days are gone. The Democrats, behind the curtain, realize now that they are incapable of defeating President Trump as he emerges from his impeachment proceedings stronger than he was before. His polls have risen to a 49% approval rating — the highest to date since taking office.

Democratic Party leaders are frustrated that there are still too many running for the post of president and their traditional hopeful is off the top list — Joe Biden. Even Bernie Sanders can beat Joe Biden. Activists remain uncertain about how to beat Trump and have become deeply concerned about a nominating race that remains crowded and is growing more acrimonious. Therein lies the conspiracy to draft Hillary at the convention.

The Democrats see Trump as a corrosive figure who beat Hillary, despite the fact that she outspent him during the election 10-1. Yet, while vilifying Trump for his tweets, they too all have their own Twitter platforms. This time, they see that Trump is well-funded for his campaign and he is tailoring a reelection bid around the strong economy and visceral appeals to his ardent supporters. His supporters see the Democrats as insane Socialists and environmentalists who are out to destroy their way of life by taxing them to death under the excuse of saving the planet.



Michael Bloomberg thinks he can simply buy the election and vows to outspend Trump. Many see Bloomberg as having a Napoleon Complex, but he claims that he understands the science behind climate change and will shut down coal plants. He shows commuters driving their cars to work in his campaign without mentioning that he would do to America what Greenpeace has done to Europe. Bloomberg also was very against the black community. Tapes have surfaced about his comments with respect to blacks.

Bloomberg ordered the police to stop and search anyone at any time, disregarding their constitutional rights. That was taken to Federal Court. In Floyd v. City of New York on August 12, 2013, US District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that stop-and-frisks had been used in an unconstitutional manner and directed the police to adopt a written policy to specify where such stops were authorized. And Bloomberg thinks he is qualified to be president?

I think anyone should realize that police cannot stop and search people on the street without reason. It took a federal judge to tell him you can’t do that? He had to admit publicly he was wrong. My problem with that attitude is his decision making. Anyone would know that was illegal, but he did it anyway. That is just one of the incidents that many use to cite him as having a Napoleon complex. To me, that shows he is NOT qualified to be president. An apology is not sufficient. You might as well say throwing people in prison without trials is also legal until a judge has to rule stop!


Impeaching Trump for asking Ukraine to investigate Biden’s involvement in ordering the shut down of any investigation into the corruption of the company that hired his son was too in your face and hypocritical for the average person. Biden himself interfered in Ukraine in the same precise manner they accused Trump of attempting what Biden actually pulled off. Trump’s strong political standing has vindicated him because of the Democrat’s stupid approach to use impeachment in an attempt to manipulate the 2020 election as they accused Russia.

Pete Buttigieg, the 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, which is a city with a population of only 102,000, is just not seen as someone capable of handling the office on a grand international scale. The Democrats themselves do not want him, for they see he has never held an elected federal office and the fear he did this just to be the first gay person to run for president. So, like Trump, they do not see Buttigieg as one of them. They fear that he remains unknown to the majority of Americans, and despite his magical rise to the top of the slate, what they fail to grasp is that in a field of Socialists and corrupt politicians like Biden, he may be the only normal person standing up these days. They are also concerned that his fundraising is coming from corporates who fear Warren and Sanders.

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All of this is adding up to Hillary for President. She is waiting patiently in the wings far from the arrows of fellow Democrats. She wants to rise to the stage as a heroine who the nation turns to for survival. The one thing we can say about Hillary, she has always been for sale to the highest bidder. You can rest assured that the bankers will be on top. She stole the nomination from Bernie the last time. She will do the same this time.