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The Most Unpopular Vice President in US History

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Kamala Harris made history yet again by becoming the least popular vice president in US history. “Harris’ net-negative rating (-17) is the lowest for any vice president in the poll’s history,” NBC News reported. I, for one, cannot think of one achievement she has accomplished while in office. This is especially concerning because there is a good chance she will become the POTUS if Biden is re-elected due to his age and health.

Only 32% approved of Harris in some form. Almost half of respondents (49%) said they see the VP in a “negative view,” while 39% have a “very negative” perception of her. Biden is also in the negatives with a 9-point net-negative rating (39% positive; 48% negative).

Dick Cheney pushed America into war with Iraq. Everyone knew about Haliburton and his special interests. He even shot a guy in the face while hunting and made the guy apologize on national TV. Yet he still managed to receive a +23 rating as of May 2003 (47% positive; 24% negative). Biden barely broke even while he was VP at +1 (34% positive, 33% negative). Mike Pence was seen as a far-right extremist and went down to -4 in October 2019. Even amid the entire COVID scandal, Pence never came close to Harris’ -17 rating.

If Joe Biden wasn’t an installed puppet, he would be reconsidering his running mate.