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The LEFT is Winning

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The LEFT is ALWAYS much more violent than the RIGHT. The simple difference is that the core philosophy of the RIGHT is you leave me alone, and I will leave you alone. But the core philosophy of the LEFT is always concerned about other people, from them making more than they do to being more successful in general. The LEFT always portrays themselves as VICTIMS, and they are always oppressed because of others. It’s just not fair to them that someone gets a new car and they can’t afford it.

The Night of Terror Suffragists 1917

Ironically, women did not need to vote before socialism. There was no income tax, and the real issue would be national policies and war that did not impact the individual – man or woman. Once the United States turned to socialism, then every individual, regardless of their gender or race, was entitled to vote since now laws were being imposed on personal activity and income. The LEFT has always claimed they care, but in truth, they have always been the oppressors throughout history, seeking to dictate every aspect of how people lived their lives.

1913 Income Tax

The LEFT championed the income tax and swore they were only attacking the rich. Now, you must file an income tax form to say you do not owe any tax. The crime is NOT failing to pay the tax; it is FAILURE TO FILE. We are running full-speed into Digital Currencies because the LEFT cannot sleep at night worrying about everyone getting cash under the table.

We just went through an audit in Florida, where we have no state income tax, but we have to collect unemployment taxes from workers. They were looking to see if we were paying CONTRACT WORKERS who are not on the payroll. I said we do not have such workers, which did not matter. We had to go through the audit explaining payments made to other companies, and they would check on them to ensure they were an actual company. After three months of an audit and legal and accounting fees in excess of $50,000, we ended up owing nothing – thank you very much for not believing me in the first place.

magnify searching people

Welcome to the LEFT – they care so much about us, they do not believe anything we ever say – we are all just liars and scum. The assumption in government is that “We the People” never pay the taxes they demand. Everyone skims 35% off what they would really owe.

tracing cripto footsteps

The solution is to eliminate ALL paper money, including crypto, and force us to use their coming digital currencies that can be traced back to their origin. If I give you a $100 bill, they do not know who gave it to me. But if it is a crypto, they know every person in that chain before me. Nobody knows who created blockchain because it was the government, and they created Bitcoin to sell this idea to the people, saying that it would be separate from the central banks and anti-fiat. Welcome to the actual end game – the government will get EVERY penny of tax they ever dreamed of.

The LEFT has won! They will monitor absolutely EVERYTHING you do!