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The Left is Moving to Rig All Elections Everywhere

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The LEFT is now totally out of control. Fearing that they may lose against Trump and that their BS charges are so obviously political, they are now looking to charge Trump with inside trading to make him a normal type of criminal, even though this is still all politically motivated.

In London, they have closed the bank accounts of Nigel Farage and his entire family because he is the face of the Reform Party. In Parliament, they accuse him of taking 500k from Russians, which he denies, and they refuse to show any evidence. This was the excuse used to shut down all his accounts and even his children.

This is the standard operating procedure. In my case, they stole my children’s saving accounts. They froze my mother’s accounts even her Social Security funds. When she called the bank, they gave her the number of Tancred Shiavoni lawyer of the receiver. My lawyers filed a letter to the courts that they then cut off all of my mother’s medicine, and she would die in the process. Then they claimed the bank made a mistake but I had no account at my mother’s bank.

Head in Sand

There is ABSOLUTELY no rule of law anymore. Anyone who questioned our computer forecast for the last 8 years and that there may not even be a 2024 election in the United States or, at the very least, it will not be legitimate had better get their head out of the sand. Your freedom is gone. This is all about the Neocons having seized control, and they are out to utterly destroy Russia. They are now pushing to give Ukraine the long-range missiles so they can attack Moscow and start WWIII.


They have brainwashed King Charles, who started the Climate Change Clock in London to usher in the new age of totalitarianism. They will eventually create climate lockdowns which will really be to prevent civil uprisings that they know will lead to revolutions.

Schwab WEF End of Democracy

This is the dismantling of all freedom and above all the end of our right to vote on anything. We are too stupid and when the people elected Donald Trump, that is when Democracy suddenly became evil populism and they realized that they could be voted out of power. The solution – Climate Change to justify the end of all civil liberties and to end democracy once and for all.



Here is John Kerry also explains that democracy is populism when it votes them out of power and must be terminated.