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The Least Popular President in 70 Years        

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Every poll imaginable shows Biden and Harris steeply declining in popularity. Biden’s favorability is now lower than the past 13 presidents. I cannot imagine any sane person supporting him after what he has done to the nation in the past three years. No one can honestly say they are better off under Biden.

This man received more votes than any other president in US history. Despite his rapidly declining poll numbers, he refuses to campaign. His handlers know that they do not need to campaign because the election results have already been decided. They want to keep him far from the public eye because he embarrasses himself at every speaking engagement.

White House physician Kevin O’Connor stated Biden was “fit for duty,” but he clearly is in a state of cognitive decline. A YouGov survey showed 67% of voters, 48% of who identified as Democrats, believe Biden is too old to run for a second term. His age is the least of his worries as there is clearly an underlying degenerative disorder. Biden slipped up and admitted he “sold a lot of state secrets.” Information has been pouring in about Biden’s illegal dealings with Ukraine and China. He campaigned on the Build Back Better platform and has run America into the ground to the point where it will be extremely difficult to ever build it back, let alone better.

It really all comes down to finances. Biden has been on a rampage of a spending spree since he took office. None of his policies eased inflation. Shelter, food, fuel, and all the basic necessities of survival are at unsustainable levels. People may have hated Trump all they wanted, but at least they could afford to fill their fridges and pay rent. Under any other circumstance, the POTUS would campaign as much as their schedule permitted to win over the people. He is not doing that because they know a false flag event will happen before the 2024 US Presidential Election to ensure one of the least capable presidents in history remains in power.