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The Insanity of Illegal Aliens & the Plot of the Democrats Nobody Will Talk About

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Biden Puppet Master

I have worked advising governments around the world for over 40 years. In the process, I have learned all their tricks. The Democrats are using the RACE CARD to fool the public and destroy the United States. All of this total nonsense that the Republicans demanding ID to vote are racists because poor blacks have no ID is just total bullshit and not a single Mainstream Press has the guts to report the truth. When my children were born, you have to file to get them their social security number. There is NOT a single real American who does not have ID. You cannot get welfare, food stamps, or any social benefit without an ID no less enter a hospital. I would be in prison if I was hiring illegal aliens and paying cash under the table. Nobody can get on a plane or a train without ID no less get a job. How do you even get a driver’s license or buy a car without ID?

In our company, we have every race including blacks. I hired the first black Financial Analyst who unfortunately died – Robert Howe. To say that blacks are too stupid and do not have ID is so insulting the black community should be rising up against the Democrats who were originally the slave owners and have done nothing but exploit them ever since. LBJ was said to have told Democrats to vote for the Civil Rights Act saying: “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years.” What has been confirmed was that he always used the N-Word when he referred to them generally. Many want to claim Lydon Johnson never said that, but they cannot deny those were the words he would typically use. LBJ did tell a Journalist, Bill Moyers who did report what he said:

‘Well, I think we may have lost the south for your lifetime – and mine.’


Keating Paul

The Hong Kong government knew I also knew the Australian government. They asked me if I could negotiate to buy land from Australia to allow Hong Kong to move before it would be handed back to China in 1998. I met with Prime Minister Paul Keating, then head of the Treasury at the time. No matter what I proposed the answer was NO. I even said I had a blank check and could pay off their national debt. The answer was still NO. Out of frustration I finally asked: Is this a RACIST issue? He responded NO. They were fleeing Communism and they would come to Australia and vote CONSERVATIVE. Keating was Labour.  It was all about Labour losing power if they let the people in from Hong Kong.

This is precisely what is going on and NOBODY in the press has the courage to report the truth. Blacks are not stupid and lack even ID. The ONLY people without ID to vote are all the illegal aliens Biden is letting in. As soon as they have a child, then the child is American, and then the parents can claim status as a family member.

The Democrats are flooding the United States with illegal aliens to change the demographics and assume all of these people will vote Democrat so they can harass and exploit all real Americans who have been born here and work for a living. This to me is not just insulting, it is treason! There is NO WAY an illegal alien can come to the USA and even get a real job. Employers will be prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens paying cash under the table since they will not have a Social Security number.

Yeltsin Tank

This is the plot to marginalize ALL Americans to impose by FRAUD their Marxist views where you will own nothing and live in a 15-minute city denied the freedom to even travel. This will not just lead to the destruction of the United States, but it will lead to civil unrest where the Democrats will rely on the army to gun down real Americans all for their Marxist agenda and absolute power. Our only hope is that someone will stand on the tanks and persuade the military to defend the people, not plow them down as Yeltsin did during the 1991 Russian coup.

Illegal Aliens at Border

These illegal aliens are housed at the border. What happens when they are released? If they cannot work, do they then start robbing people to survive? You cannot impose draconian taxation and enforce laws that employers must only hire people and collect taxes and then allow 20% of the population to be illegal aliens and then hire 87,000 IRS agents with guns and search eBay for people who sold a used bike for $600. Americans are being targeted while illegal aliens are flooding the country. Then they want to outlaw guns so we cannot even defend ourselves if people start storming houses looking for food and money. So many policies are just contradictory. Threaten our security but outlaw guns? You can’t reasonably have it both ways.

When I try to bring in staff from overseas, I am told NO, I should be hiring Americans. I have to spend countless thousands on legal fees for staff simply because we are an international company. I tell them just put on a sombrero and walk across the border and say they will vote for Biden in every state and they will let them in.

I have had a front-row seat in how governments around the world will always exploit the people for their own personal gain. Only a fool believes governments actually really care. They are only interested in maintaining their power. This is a Private Wave and they know they are losing control. They are now diminishing the black community using them as the excuse to usher in voting without ID as the cover for illegal aliens to repay the Democrats by voting to exploit real Americans so they can retain power. This is all part of the cycle and the end of the United States as we have known it. There will be nothing to leave our children and grandchildren but political chaos and insecurity. I wish we could stop it, but the mainstream press is so leftist, they are blind to their own destruction.