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The Impeachment Trial to Influence the 2020 Election

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Impeachment Process

QUESTION: You do not have comments on the impeachment trial?


ANSWER: Comments are just my OPINION, which is irrelevant to forecasting. This is just a topless mud-wrestling show that reveals the hypocrisy in Washington that is disgusting. Trump will not be impeached, and this is all staged in a desperate attempt to influence the 2020 election which is precisely the claim against Trump. The Democrats want to call John Bolton who Trump fired because he is a dangerous Neocon. This is like calling an ex-spouse in a trial to ask if the person ever lied.

Bolton John

Bolton opposed Trump pulling out of Afghanistan, which is an endless war that will never be won. Even the Russians withdrew after they tried to invade back in 1980. How many more Americans need to die there and for what reason? Vietnam was a proxy war to contain communism which economically was unsustainable and would have fallen without a single drop of American blood. War, in my opinion, is ONLY justified if someone invaded the United States. Iraq was a war the Neocons wanted and it made their friends very rich.

Kristol the war over Iraq

I PERSONALLY know some of these people. Bill Kristol is a major Neocon who wrote a book to support the invasion of Iraq. Before Bill was a fervent Neocon, he even spoke at our World Economic Conference during the early 1990s. My opinion is shaped by experience and looking at some of these people straight in the eyes. It is still my OPINION! The forecasts on war are done by Socrates — not me. Their theory has been to overthrow all the Middle East dictators and the people would embrace democracy. That, to me, is an absurd proposition that will only lead to a major war. Syria has been on their hit list in addition to Iraq and  Libya. All this did was unleash a religious war between the Shia and Sunni.

Impeachment Text 1024x154

This impeachment trial will be a political war fought ahead of the election. Socrates has projected this will be the MOST confrontational election with the rise in civil unrest. All this IMPEACHMENT is doing is dividing America even more.

2020 Elections

The hypocrisy reveals that the Democrats brought this to disrupt the 2020 election because they knew they could not win. They are praying they can confuse people enough among the undecided to swing the election to them. President Trump’s defense team has put Hunter Biden and former President Barack Obama on trial in the impeachment case. They have brought forward the question as to why Democrats weren’t outraged about Mr. Biden’s $3 million deal with a Ukrainian gas company. If Trump should be impeached for even asking Ukraine to investigate Biden’s deal, then why did they not move to IMPEACH Obama who used the Russia missile defense for his election.

Obama’s private conversation back in March 2012 with then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was caught on a hot mic, where Obama pleaded for “space” from Moscow until after his reelection to negotiate on missile defense systems. Was that not the same thing as using the power of the office to “influence” his reelection? President Obama, you can say, used the powers of the presidency in a manner that compromised the national security of the United States. That would be a DIRECT impeachable offense. What about the investigation into Trump’s team taping his phone calls? That is up there with Watergate. So I see this as all drama being used to influence the 2020 election.


Calling Hunter Biden to testify and tearing him apart on his deals that he ONLY gets because of his father is a legitimate defense. Doing so would show that Trump had plenty of reasons to urge Ukraine’s president to open a corruption probe of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and his son. This is the same nonsense as Hillary taking money from foreign countries when she was secretary of state using her position to sell influence. Certainly, Biden’s involvement in Ukraine warrants an inquiry into a corrupt company in a corrupt country that gave the vice president’s son $1 million per year.

The real problem is this is a systemic problem among all politicians, and it really does warrant a criminal investigation to stop this practice which is taking place among Republicans and Democrats.

Impeachment Bill Clinton

This is all about mud-slinging. It has NOTHING to do with whether Trump should actually be removed from office for this nonsense. This is the dirty tricks of the 2020 election starting early. Clinton was impeached by the House on a BIPARTISAN vote because he did commit perjury in the Grand Jury which would have landed anyone else in prison for 5 years. I still disagreed with that impeachment BECAUSE the perjury was in a private matter and did not implicate the office of the president.