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The GOP Debate – Exposing the Neocons

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GOP Debate

QUESTION: Marty, you have been silent on the GOP debate. Many of us would love to hear your opinion.


ANSWER: It was very disheartening to see those who supported Ukraine. Vivek Ramaswamy was the most level-headed, probably like Trump and RFK; he is not an indoctrinated politician preaching the party line. He said: “We are driving Russia further into China’s hands.”

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who seems to have a single mission to trash Trump, had no problem spouting out the traditional Neocon BS: “We will be next,”  Christie recently traveled to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian officials. He is not worth the space on the stage that he takes up and would be a great threat to our national security and the lives of our children to be sent into yet another endless, unwinnable foreign war.

Then there is Vice President Mike Pence, who seemed to try to channel Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” mantra. He attacked Ramaswamy, saying he had a “pretty small view of the greatest nation on earth.” Pence has no idea of what went on. The Neocons tried to stop Reagan from meeting with Gorbachev, telling him he could not trust any Russian. Regan ignored the Neocons and met with him. Reagan pushed for Russia to join NATO. When Gorbachev was leaning in that direction when their Neocons staged a coup to overthrow him. That is when Yeltsin stood on the tank and stopped the coup.

When the Neocons tried to rig the 2000 Russian election, even asking me to invest $10 billion into this scheme to take over Russia, and I refused, their stooge, Berezovsky, even called me on the phone to try to get me to comply. I think Pence should look at the facts. Reagan sought peace – not war. Pence has trashed the legacy of Reagan and should fade into the sunset and stop trying to lead the United States into World War III.

Then there is the former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. She lacked intelligence, clearly brainwashed by the Neocon agenda to accuse Ramaswamy of trying to side with a murderer in Putin. She, too, preached the Neocon agenda of lies. I lost all respect for her in that position.

Ramaswamy also tried to tar the rest of the stage as George W. Bush-era Neocons as beholden to the defense industry. “I wish you luck in your future career on the board of Lockheed or Raytheon,” Ramaswamy told Haley. She retaliated, saying, “You have no foreign-policy experience, and it shows.” That meant her’s was more endless wars. That may have gotten the biggest applause of the night. But it also shows how reckless they are and how they have never learned ANYTHING from all the failed endless wars launched by the Neocons.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been more of a China hawk. He seemed to remain mostly silent during the back-and-forth on Ukraine. He chimed in and said that the U.S. aid to Ukraine should be conditioned on European countries doing more to help. He previously called Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine a “territorial dispute.” That much is absolutely correct. The Neocons started this civil war to weaken Russia, and they now have 40,000 American troops in Poland just waiting for the order to attack. The Neocons are horrible people who pray on their knees before they go to bed to Satin to give some excuse so they can order their pawns to attack Moscow.

I know some people hate Ramaswamy and accuse him of improper trading. Anyone who seems to step on a political stage these days must be delusional to think they can make a difference. The Neocons have seized control of the United States. Just look at all the indictments against Trump; they are COORDINATING all these attacks because they fear Trump the most. They have brainwashed so many Americans into hating Trump, which serves their purpose of driving us into World War III.

UK Debt 1692 2012

This is all part of the Decline & Fall of the United States. Just like Spain stole the financial capital of the world from Italy and then lost it to the Germans, who in turn held it briefly with the Flugers, they lost it to the Dutch, and they lost it to the Brits. It took World War I to undermine Britain, and it moved to America as a result. It is just our time to lose it to China. I do not have the luxury of a personal opinion. History dictates nobody retains it forever. Our computer governments want to get their hands on has already seen the trend. By the time we arrive in 2032, all these corrupt republics masquerading as democracies will end as they always do.



My opinion really means nothing. I cannot change what will be. Personally, I would NEVER vote for anyone who supports Ukraine. I lost most of my High School friends to Vietnam. What did they die for? I am tired of the endless lies and the Neocons trying to take over the world with their pretend democracy that denies the people any say in voting on matters of taxes or war. These people have shown that humanity has a very dark side, and the only way to advance is to deny political access to any of these people.

We cannot defeat the business cycle. This is part of it. I wish we could ban such people from public office, but that will never happen. It is just our fate. It does not matter if Biden remains in office or you elect one of these Neocon supporters like Nikki Haley. The Neocons will get their World War III. They control BOTH parties.