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The Future with Many Doors Open

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Future Multipule Doors

QUESTION: Dear Marty
Those of us who can see are all tired of this.
As it’s cyclical there’s not much we can do but warn others and hope a critical mass will arrive that can do something about it
Are you doing projections for all countries to see if there are any safe havens also away from international war?
I assume the Far East (not Thailand?) would be the place to go if it’s not too late and we can actually travel there?

We could take our skills and knowledge and help contribute to a society that is not part of this communist agenda and wants to let its citizens be free.


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ANSWER: There are still many doors open. I do not see these people winning. Those who voted for Biden because they did not like Trump were not voting for Biden per se, and they really did not know the agenda because mainstream media has abandoned us. They will start to open their eyes next year. The computer has never been wrong and it showed a razor-thin election, but one that Trump should have won which is still amazing for all the shit they have been throwing at him for 4 years. They convinced the BLM that Trump is a racist and against Blacks when in fact

I am running the models on everything. We are looking at the GDP of all nations and the fate of currencies. That said, there are ways to slow them down. As long as the Senate is in Republican control. they will not be able to pack the Supreme Court and make structural changes to end what the founding fathers tried to create when face with this very same tyranny. Instead of it being Communism, it was Monarchy that demanded everything. The very reason paper money began in the USA was that the king prohibited payment to the colonies in silver or gold only copper.

There is massive fraud in this and the CIA/NSA computer Hammer & Scorecard have been used with people calling it computer glitches. They are capable of changing the votes and it appears that is what is going on.

The military has been stepping up plans against China. American troops could be sent to ‘defend the Senkaku Islands’, US commander has confirmed. The same is taking place in Taiwan. They are already planning to remove Trump. Instead of assassinating him because he is against war, they just rig the election to remove him, and then they will probably use the New York prosecutors to charge him with anything possible to imprison him if they can. Harris is already saying they have no choice but to prosecute and imprison Trump because he had vowed to run again in 2024. This is a full-blown coup.