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The End of Democracy?

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Democray Authoritarianism Jailed

COMMENT #1 [From Germany]: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

I owe you an apology. For a long time I was of the opinion that the measures (lockdown, social distancing, flattening the curve) were fully justified. I had also clearly expressed this in my e-mails to you. I must admit that I was wrong. I am a learning being and was subject to confirmation bias. I only looked for the information that confirmed my previous opinion. Now I see things differently. There is a fear porn going on here. It is paranoia time, it is coronoia time. The press, the media is justifying any interference with our fundamental rights. The rule of law as we knew it in Germany is dead. I live in a fascist police state. An example: The Heidelberg lawyer Beate Bahner (specialist in medical law) has filed an urgent application for a constitutional complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court. The result: police investigations were initiated against Ms Bahner, her website was no longer accessible. Of course, the constitutional complaint was not accepted either. Ms Bahner has therefore returned her admission to the bar.

Enclosed her e-mail to all mass media in Germany (in German)

With sad greetings



Saxony Policy


COMMENT #2 [From Germany]: Dear Marty,

it gets worse and worse

Saxony threatens quarantine objectors with psychiatry

Admission to a mental institution (in a state governed by the rule of law) may only be made on the basis of a court order, which in turn may only be made on the basis of appropriate psychiatric reports. Now the politicians want to put citizens into psychiatric institutions without any legal decision.

It should be noted that inmates of a closed psychiatric institution are exposed without any rights to any “treatment” with psychotropic drugs or other treatments. It is the sole decision of the institution’s management. General visiting rights etc. do not exist either and depend entirely on the arbitrariness of the institution, as does dismissal.

To put it somewhat casually: a pet has more formal rights in Germany than a human being.

Shocked and disgusted


86 Yr Revolutrion Cycle

REPLY: While everyone seems distracted on blaming China for creating this virus, even if they manufactured it and sent infected people on planes, that still does not answer WHY have Western governments so eagerly sought to use this virus as the excuse to transform Democracy into Authoritarianism. The European Commission is not elected anyhow, so the EU removed any accountability to the people for their leadership no different than China. Everywhere we look, civil liberties are being suspended in Europe. This is precisely in line with our model which forecast 2020 as the year for a European Revolution.

According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, life in Canada will only return to normal after the development of a vaccine. The same is emerging in Germany. According to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the coronavirus will remain a threat until a vaccine is found and the population is immunized. “That means nothing more than living with the virus. It has not disappeared. Even if one day fewer people are infected,” said Merkel.

follow the clue footprints money

We are already seeing the narrative emerge that we should remain locked down until Gates comes up with his vaccine which curiously won’t be ready until AFTER the US Elections. The two characters that they have sought to overturn ar Trump and Borris Johnson. They both stand in the way of socialism. This is NOT normal. This virus is by no means that lethal to just overthrowing democracy. There is another motive that goes beyond Gates and China. This is the political forces seeking to hold on to power. Perhaps they have looked at Socrates and saw the Monetary Crisis Cycle coming and this was a preemptive strike to try to prevent the collapse of Europe and socialism. That may be the single greatest motive behind jumping on the bandwagon with Gates.

There is clearly social inequality unfolding because those who have jobs that require some level of manual labor to face to face contact from waitresses, cooks, dancers, and physical massage are all out of a job and cannot work from home. Those with higher-end white-collar jobs can at least work from home if the sales keep coming in. When they stop, so will their income. So what is the end goal here? Is it to hurt those who cannot work from home to become subservient upon the state where they state no longer borrows money – it just creates it?

Altmaier Peter

What about the outstanding debt? Do they simply default as did Russia or China following their revolutions? If this is an attempt to reset the world monetary system intermixed with war to justify ending debt, pensions, and to subjugate everyone as in a communistic state, then the entire debt markets become the greatest risk. Will there be at least a managed economy with private ownership as in China, or are we looking at deliberate bankruptcy of enterprises to justify their nationalization as Peter Altmaier, the German Federal Minister of Economic Affairs, was joined by the left-wing Martin Schulz politician and Leader of the Social Democratic Party (Socialist) in a joint statement on March 13th, 2020 that effectively said that since they cannot bail out companies, perhaps they would just NATIONIZE them. Altmaier when asked bout his nationalization comments, he replied: “I do not see such a need at the moment.” He did not rule it out. Germany had already ruled that it was perfectly fine to nationalize private property to achieve social equality in Berlin.

Capitalism Socialism Tyranny

What is the end goal? Managed Authoritarian-Socialism or just outright Tyranny? We are entering an age that once again will be the stuff that tries our souls. Governments have completely forgotten that they were supposed to be our representatives, not our lords and masters. Our public forum, where we elected our representatives to enact our laws, has crumbled to dust in a matter of just 8.6 weeks. The public edifices that were founded for eternity as the symbol of our liberty and freedom from oppression, lie prostrate, naked, and broken, like the limbs of a fallen giant. This stupendous postwar rebirth of civilization appears to be a mere relic of former glory which has been unable to withstand the injuries of corruption over time and fortune.