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The Electoral Votes

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Capitol Hill

QUESTION: What do you mean that the electoral votes could change on the 6 of Jan?


ANSWER: In three of the seven states in question—Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—Republicans currently control the state legislatures while Democrats hold the governor’s mansions. In New Mexico and Nevada, Democrats control both. In Georgia and Arizona, Republicans control both. In the case of Pennsylvania, for example, the legislature joined the Texas lawsuit against their own state.

At the electoral college vote on December 14, a slate of Democratic electors naturally chose Joe Biden. However, the Republican electors voted for President Donald Trump. If the vote is overturned for fraud, a long shot, by a court, then the vote on the 6th would change because both sent their votes to Congress. Then Congress would count the Republican votes that are already there in parallel.

I know this sounds crazy, but the last time this took place where both groups from the same state sent in competing votes was during the 1960 election between Kennedy and Nixon. Back then, the governor of Hawaii certified electors for Republican Richard Nixon. Democratic electors cast their votes for Democrat John F. Kennedy.

The computer has been highlighting the weeks of 12/21 and 01/04 are the key targets rather than the inauguration. This is very interesting, to say the least.