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The Degeneration or Politics

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The real sad change in politics has been just to win votes from people by saying anything and just installing figure-heads while the Deep State really runs the show. We can see from this announcement that Biden will pick a woman regardless if she is even qualified. She will be Black to try to win the Black vote. This has nothing to do with being competent anymore. Can they stand up and read a prepared speech written by the Deep State.

I have written before how up until 1999 I was asked to interview people who were interested in running for president in the Republican Party. They were told I was there to brief them on the world economy but in reality, I was to critique them and their mental capacity to understand the world’s political economy. Then I was asked to fly to Texas and meet with George Bush Junior. I was told this was “different” because he was “stupid” which totally shocked me. I asked why would they make someone president if they were stupid when everything up to then had been about their mental capacity to handle the job. I was told they just wanted to win and he had “the name” for a winning ticket.

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Ever since 1999, I have watched politics decline massively. Joe Biden makes Bush Jr appear like a genius. This is no longer about candidates that are actually qualified. The country has declined to the point that politics is the show. This is why they hate Trump so much. He actually makes decisions regardless if you agree or disagree. What is politics going to be after Trump? Will, there still be elections or simply everything is moved to marshal law? Europeans never get to vote for the head of the EU. That is a post that is simply appointed by the agreement of the heads of the member states. Europeans cannot vote for anyone that would change the course of the economy. The European Parliament has no power. Everything is determined at the EU Commission and nobody there stands for election. This is the dream come true for politicians – no accountability whatsoever.

Biden is certainly not competent. He will pick a woman who also has no experience in the international negotiation arena. The selling point will only be her color. So is the United States really moving in the same direction as the EU? You can bet your last dime on that one. The ability to hold a post without having to stand for election. They use to call that a dictatorship.