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The Deep State Won – Now Deal With It!

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Biden election 2020

I have stated very clearly that up until 1999, I was part of a vetting process where I would meet people who wanted to run for president. They were told I was there to explain how the world economy functioned, but I was told to assess if I believed they were mentally capable of comprehending the world. Then I was asked to fly to Texas to meet Bush, Jr., but I was told, “This is different. He’s really stupid.” I was totally shocked. I asked, “Why would you make someone stupid president?” The response: “He has the name!

Deep State Raising it Head

I believe that was the moment when the Deep State began to surface. They saw power. Obama attended less than 44% of the morning security briefs. Since 1999, the office of the president has been largely on autopilot. Then came Trump. Every agency was out to remove him from Clapper, NSA, CIA, FBI, you name it. Even the top Republicans wanted him gone. Why? Trump thought being president meant you actually ran the country. How dare this non-politician tell the Deep State what to do. The audacity of it all!

Bidens generals

The evidence coming out of this investigation has both Democrats and Republicans rattled based on reliable sources. Biden is the most incompetent president ever to be elected. He was NEVER an exceptionally bright person, but he presents a case for clear and present danger in his state of mental decline and should be removed from office. These hearings are exposing the lies. The problem in DC wonderland is they got their wish to be able to do as they like. But now you have a president who is seriously mentally ill, and the VP is no better. Even Democrats would be frightened, for the third in line would be Nancy Pelosi. If this keeps going, there will be a revolution.



In this brief moment of honesty, Biden is shocked that the host was vaccinated and asked if he was already. Then he quickly says it works and then goes off into alien invasions to change the topic. That is what people who have dementia do. One minute they know what they are saying; the next minute, they do not.

This is the man who ordered the military to be vaccinated with no exceptions, and when 46% refused, he threatened dishonorable discharges, stripping them of everything despite the fact that they may have fought in Afghanistan or Iraq. All of this when countless doctors and scientists from the vaccine companies on hidden cameras say they would not give it to their children, for they have no idea what the long-term effects will be. Has Bill Gates bought every painting by Biden’s son?

Deep State 1

This entire thing is a joke. Anyone who believes anything coming from the government needs to wake up. The Deep State won. They got rid of Trump and filled the spot with who they thought they could manipulate. But what happens when he has dementia? Now you do have to worry if he would launch missiles for real.