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The Decline & Fall of the United States

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UncleSam Cliff R

We now stand on the precipice of the Decline & Fall of the United States. It will soon be time to turn off the lights. Neither political party has EVER violated the post-term immunity of former presidents that has distinguished America from every corrupt two-bit government pretending to be democratic while imprisoning their political opponents. It has been that guarantee that the has created the union of 50 states and secured the country’s politics would remain civil whereby the power was always a peaceful transition from one party to the other.

Bruce_Reinhart_West_Palm_Beach Judge

It does not matter if people hate Trump and will rejoice to see him in prison just because. The respect not to weaponize the rule of law for political purposes has been the very precedent that caused President Gerald Ford to pardon Richard Nixon and for the Office of the Independent Counsel not to indict former President Bill Clinton for perjury. Attacking a former president has always been off the table because that will divide the country. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart approved the warrant that enabled FBI agents to raid Trump’s home. He has earned his slot in history and will be remembered.

This is a tactic that leads only to tyranny. Adolf Hitler seized power in the same manner. While the Democrats are staging the January 6th hearings as an “insurrection” to justify emergency powers to govern by decree, Hitler did the same following the incredibly well-timed February 27th, 1933 arson against the Reichstag, Germany’s parliament building. He then began the shutdown of dissent and diversity in German publishing and culture through a policy of Gleichschaltung, or forcing everybody onto the same page. Today, we see the cancel culture doing the very same process of silencing dissent.

The raid of Trump pretending to be searching for documents is not just a very sad day in American history targeting former presidents as they do in banana republics, but this too will be a day we remember in infamy. The America we grew up in ceased to exist as of August 8th, 2022 (2022.602). Indeed, 51.6 years ago was January 1971. It was on January 12th, 1971 when the entire oil crisis began. That was the day when negotiations over the price of petroleum began in Tehran between 6 OPEC Persian Gulf states and 22 oil companies. That event was the beginning of altering the world economy and I fear that this unprecedented assault on a former president will shake America to its very foundation.

FBI Raid Trump 8 8 22

The leadership of the FBI and the Department of Justice have shown that independence no longer exists. This is deeply concerning for the rule of law has just completely collapsed. Not merely will this attorney general and FBI director go down in history as the two people who cracked the foundation of the rule of law upon which civilization rests, but they have fired the first shot in what will become the year of civil unrest in the United States come 2023.

Thrasymachus Quote

Hitler surprised everyone by actually carrying out what he had been preaching all along to make Germany an ethnically pure national state with a nationalistically-driven economic machine to secure the rise of Germany to seek revenge for the punishment of World War I. Hitler had Hermann Göring and Joseph Goebbels whose unbridled power transformed them into the monsters of history. What the DOJ and FBI have done has shown to the entire world that Thrasymachus was correct – justice is only the will of those in power. Nothing changes in history because human nature remains the same. The ambitions of the Democratic political operatives behind this raid on Trump were driven by a radical agenda to save the world from climate change that justifies tearing down the foundations of civilization for this Great Reset. They are acting with the same speed and force as those behind Adolf Hitler.

Hitler had negotiated for control of the Prussian state police apparatus as part of his deal with Papen to become chancellor. Göring’s power lay hidden in this manner and he sprung into action quickly disposing of all moderates in the security apparatus and suspending the civil liberties of targeted groups. He targeted Jews, Communists, and even Social Democrats as well as the invalid veterans from World War I. Göring operated under the pretext of defending Germany against the “imminent” Marxist revolution that was Communists imported from the Soviet Union. Today, it is climate change and wokeness that is used to divide one group against another. Now those in the FBI will be painted with the same political brush that will be applied to those agents who actually broke into Trump’s estate. Those agents have brought disgrace to the entire FBI force.

Decline Fall

Lament – 2032 will bring an end to this political system of utter corruption. Civilization prevails ONLY when it benefits everyone. Polarizing society to oppress the opposition to force their belief in how the state should be run now had secured the very reason why we face the Decline & Fall of America. Even if the Republicans win in 2024 assuming there are still elections, which may be suspended, they will tear apart Biden, and his family, and probably go after the Clintons all on criminal charges. This raid on Trump has ended the one thing that secured a peaceful transition of power – the rule of law.