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The Crumbling of the United States

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US Politicsl Divide

COMMENT: I just want to say that Socrates was the only correct forecast for the elections. It said the Republicans would take the House but not the Senate and there would be no red wave. I appreciate the nonbiased views that are refreshing.

Keep up the good work


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REPLY: If we put aside personal desires and the fact that people tend to judge others by themselves, just looking at the numbers will always reveal the truth. What is taking place is propaganda and the further division of the country. Just look at these charts which are the total number of seats on Capitol Hill occupied by each party as a percentage of the total. You can see that the Democrats are well below the Downtrend Line and the Republicans just edged ever so slightly above their 50.65% against 50.57%.

When I have warned that Socrates is forecasting this is the fall of socialism, this is not my personal opinion. The Democrats have been losing ground. Holding a majority and ramrodding through their agenda with less than a 51% holding is seriously destroying the country and it is creating such a deep fissure that there will be no choice but to watch the United States crumble. There are plenty of unheard separatist movements in the United States. There is a big one in California to break up the state, but there was also a movement that wanted to separate from the United States if Trump was reelected. Then since 2014, there has been a growing movement to separate New York City that wants nothing to do with New York City. Even going back to 2012, there were petitions involving 36 states where people wanted to secede from the United States. All of these tensions will increase dramatically starting in 2023 into the capitulation by 2032.