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The Corruption in the Election – Are We About to Cross the Rubicon

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The allegations of fraud are coming in from so many sources it has indeed confirmed what our computer forecast and we warned a long time ago would be the most corrupt election in American history.

Already there have been postal workers coming forward testifying that the dates were altered on postmarks. In another 234 pages of sworn affidavits, there are chilling allegations of major fraud in this election from just ONE county in Michigan alone. These allegations are being made by EYEWITNESS who saw outrageous federal crimes that violate everyone’s civil rights in this country.

There were batches of ballots where 60% of them had the SAME signature. Other EYEWITNESS saw a batch of ballots scanned 5 times. Still, other EYEWITNESS came forward who saw 35 ballots counted that was NOT connected to a voter record. Then there were poll workers marking ballots with NO mark for candidates and another came forward to say their deceased son was recorded as voting TWICE. There are other witnesses coming forward stating that provisional ballots were placed in the tabulation box.

Then there is a question about the software that caused an error in Antrim County which was used in Wayne County. Republican challengers were not readmitted but Democrats were admitted. Republican challengers were physically pushed from counting tables by officials. Democrats gave out a packet: “Tactics to Distract Republican Challengers”

Unfortunately, this is not a normal election where simply a Democrat or Republican is elected who you did not vote for. In the past, it was really no big deal. This time, everything is different. They really intend to change the very foundation of America and the left never respects freedom for they will not tolerate opposition.

The nation is divided as deeply as it was for the Civil War. If the courts overturn this mess, the Democrats will claim Trump stole the election. They will do everything in their power to overthrow him if not have him assassinated. This is the battle for the very soul of America. It will be not much different from when Caesar crossed the Rubicon and the corrupt senate fled because the people would not support them.

Read the TRUTH about Caesar rather than the Fake News Created to Support his Assassination.

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