The Common Words of Politicians & Great Reset

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COMMENT from FRANCE: Hello and thank you for your fantastic insights. I live in France and I just thought you may be interested in what the French President recently said in an interview he gave to a media called Brut. He was asked whether he would be a candidate for the next presidential elections in May 2022, He replied that he may have to take very harsh decisions in the last few months before the election and therefore may “not be able” to be a candidate. This made me think of articles on your blog where you suggest that elections may be canceled in 2022 and we will be in a full-blown dictatorship. The French President also said in an interview end of October “we had got used to living as individuals in a free society, but we are citizens living in solidarity”. All very worrying. Happy to share links to the interviews if needed.

Currently, we are in a semi lockdown, basically, all hospitality is closed, but we can work and shop and go to school as long as we wear masks and have a certificate (that we sign for ourselves) authorizing ourselves to leave the house for a permitted purpose”. It is downright tyrannical.


REPLY: President Macron said:  “Maybe I will not be able to be a candidate, maybe I will have to do things in the last year, the last months, which will be hard because the circumstances will require it and which will make it impossible for me to be a candidate, I do not exclude anything.“

This piece from the FT at the Davos 2016 is the key. The political establishment of the world sees the election of Donald Trump as very dangerous.  They call this “populism” and to them, it is NOT acceptable that the people would be allowed to vote them out of office.

Now, the words that really bothered me were: “We had got used to living as individuals in a free society, but we are citizens living in solidarity.” These are the first words of UNESCO’s founding director – Julian Huxley who was a racist and a supporter of not just a one-world government, but of eugenics whereby population should be controlled and undesirable races should be reduced.

Huxley saw the idea of the United States with individual rights as far-left as the far-right and was thus unacceptable. These people see us as the great unwashed, too stupid to understand what is best for us or society. Therefore, he was against “unrestricted individualism” and hence we should not be allowed to vote for the controlling political establishment.

This is the position of the World Economic Forum and what this “Great Reset” is all about. Democracy is to come to an end. Yet they claim they will keep some checks and balances. This is what Macron is saying. He cannot run for office and make the hard decisions because people vote. By 2022, they intend to remove all rights in our democracies and will deny us the right to vote in what they call “populism.”


This is what they are really saying by “inclusion and equality” which is their redesigning the world economy and it will be for you so you surrender your rights and they will take care of you. Note what Kerry says – there is no going back to normal. At Davos, Kerry stated that a Great Reset was urgently needed to stop the rise of populism – (i.e. Trump supporters). They regard Trump was elected by “populism” so what he was saying was to suppress Democracy itself. He is clearly stating that career politicians fear losing power. Kerry vowed that under a Biden administration, America would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement to push the Great Reset but added, that this was “not enough.”